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    WTB Ryusen Blazen 210mm gyuto

    we just had a large order from them ship from japan, so they should be back in stock soon
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    Kochi, Nihei SLD or Yoshikane Amekiri 240mm... your thoughts please:)

    no... he's talking about things 5-6 years ago or older
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    Hi! Thinking of splash and go stones: Gesshin vs Shapton Glass vs Shapton Pro vs Naniwa Professional?

    FYI, while our gesshin 1500 is truly a splash and go stone, the 6000 (blue speckled one) is best when soaked permanently (as are most resinoid based stones)... the truly splash and go stones from our store include the 320, 600 no soak, 1500, 3000 no soak, maido 2k, maido 7k, and diamond stones
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    WTB Kochi with machi 240mm

    these are currently en route from japan to us FYI
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    no distal taper in this case. The profile is very similar to the suien vc, but the knife is stainless. I wouldn't use it on chicken bones, but butternut squash should be fine. Aside from that, I'll let others chime in.
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    Ordering directly from Japan in current climate

    often times they send bills after the fact. For higher value shipments they may request payment prior to customs clearance.
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    Experience with Kintaro Knives by Yoshimi Kato?

    I dont know about other places, but there is no fit and finish difference that i can see. The cost differences are generally a function of white steel being easier to forge, grind, and sharpen. Other places may ask for different things or order differently, so i cant speak to that. But for...
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    Quick 210 shoot out - Denka vs. Kochi vs. Toyama vs. Tanaka

    sorry if i had typos in there... its been a crazy time over here in LA. Shoudl have read wide bevels have better food release while subtle convexed knives (when thin enough) move through food more easily
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    Quick 210 shoot out - Denka vs. Kochi vs. Toyama vs. Tanaka

    wide bevel knives are those with a defined shinogi line and bevels that can be sharpened like the fronts of single bevel knives they can have convex bevels too, but i was comparing them to relatively thin knives with subtle convexing from spine to edge (some examples include the gesshin ginga...
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    Quick 210 shoot out - Denka vs. Kochi vs. Toyama vs. Tanaka

    wide bevel knives will almost always wedge more in tall/dense foods than wide bevels. Wide bevels tend to have better food release and make thinning easier. Its a pretty common finding for anyone that tests things like this. Glad you took the time to do this. I have similar discussions with...
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    Your favourite Semi-/Stainless Knife

    SDK 12 is not uncommon in japan, though it can sometimes go by proprietary names or different names from different steel manufacturers
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    WTB Blazen or Gengetsu 270mm gyuto

    years ago there were 270mm gengetsu, but when we had to change how we produced them, we switched to what we have now
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    Nibs & Knives ; Do you love fountain pens too ?

    yes... exactly... my bad with the typo
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    Nibs & Knives ; Do you love fountain pens too ?

    that's what josh has been writing with here. Right now, I've got a lamy studio with a 1.9mm stub and R&H Salix, a Lamy Joy with a 1.9mm stub and pilot iroshizuku yu-yake, a sailor pro gear imperial black with sailor kiwaguro, a platinum 3776 with a music nib and R&H Sepia, and a Pilot Justus 95...