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    Knife findings

    That's why I wanted it but the price is wrong. Just look at the nakagawa blue 1 honyaki they have for sale too. Also like $800 overpriced. I almost pulled the trigger on the AS anyway but glad I stopped myself.
  2. J

    Knife findings

    I want the ikeda aogami super honyaki but I think knifewears prices are kind of insane. If it was $7-800 cheaper then maybe.
  3. J

    Could Kyuzo be Myojin?

    Just wanted to say, the only upside of this to me and maybe others; is that to know the actual makers name make it easier for me to find/buy more of their work. For example, I liked my kyuzo so much, I wanted to see what else he had on offer besides the hitohira stuff (and I was able to find...
  4. J

    WTS ATTENTION: PayPal Friends and Family - beware

    paypal FF is good
  5. J

    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    We need deets!
  6. J

    Fredrik Spåre Impressions

    Handle is unreal. More please. And I like the clean- non KU finish. Maybe another batch of these with k tip or different profiles for fun varieties. Different woods too? I know fredrick also makes sayas....
  7. J

    Show your newest knife buy

    Don't think I can do much better than this. Ikeda White 1. Eventually will have to sell a few on b/s/t after this one 😂
  8. J

    WTB Kaiju - $2,000

    Probably the full natural stone finish
  9. J

    WTB Kaiju - $2,000

    I feel lucky owning my togo reigo that reminds me of a's huge, 55mm height. Still craving that natural stone finish though. Maybe one day. Good luck on the hunt.
  10. J

    Fredrik Spåre Impressions

    Final polish vid outside:
  11. J

    Fredrik Spåre Impressions

    thanks for providing them! Huge huge fan of the handle on this. Like the profile a lot too
  12. J

    Fredrik Spåre Impressions

    This was with etching! What I did was etch and polish over again about 3 times. This gave a little bit more contrast to the hamon and kept the rest of the knife polished. Don't plan on doing a forced etch/patina on the whole knife and leaving it. Basically I tried to replicate the amazing work...
  13. J

    WTB Kaiju - $2,000

    Well it's not discontinued so why wouldn't there eventually be a new drop? They have dropped a few batches over the years...
  14. J

    Show your work! Uchigumori and co...

    I'm very much a novice (first attempt at a project like this), but took my spare spicy white honyaki to my uchigumori fingerstones, then used some diamond paste I had, followed by some buffing with automotive compound and etched 3 times in between buffing. Wondering if I should leave it as is or...