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  1. jimbob

    WTS WTS dalman rustbucket

    178 grams 49mm heel 218 edge 230 to handle
  2. jimbob

    WTS WTS dalman rustbucket

    Oh, perhaps for those who don’t know, the name rustbucket was the term phrased by robin for his giveaway which I was fortunate enough to have won.
  3. jimbob

    WTS WTS dalman rustbucket

    $500 USD + shipping Wasn’t really looking to sell, but since the other went like a hot cake, it’s got my buzz on to the prospect of trying new knives. Open to trades 240 gyuto. Maybe Toyama, mazaki, hinoura ajikataya, or something else I haven’t tried. I only gave it a once over with bkf but...
  4. jimbob

    WTS Itinomonn Slicing Cleaver 215mm

    Haven’t seen these around for a long time. Had one a whiles back and it was fun! Glws
  5. jimbob

    WTS Jikko Akebono 240mm Blue 2

    My next purchase. Wish I had the funds now! Glws. Ps forumites, I expect one available when I’m ready thank you.
  6. jimbob

    Traded Pair of Rader’s

    A man can dream...
  7. jimbob

    SOLD Unknown Honyaki yanagiba 300

    Cmon forumites! someone please identify?
  8. jimbob

    SOLD 270 Sakimora Takobiki (Double bevel)

    Wondering how the frosted damascus finish goes when its thinning time. Certainly an appealing slicer.. Stiff, and the appeal of single bevel but in a (for me anyway) more useful double bevel.
  9. jimbob

    Show your newest knife buy

    In nz btw
  10. jimbob

    Show your newest knife buy

    Ummm I have maple syrup in the cupboard at all times.... it says 100% maple....
  11. jimbob

    Hattori KD Anyone???$$$

    I reckon with the kato shig craze, 3000 would be realistic....
  12. jimbob

    Hattori KD Anyone???$$$

    Jeez some of those prices? F dick cleaver? Pass
  13. jimbob

    WTS FS takashima 2.5

    Certainly. A perfect first! I’ll send you a pm