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  1. Keith Sinclair

    Withdrawn TF Nashiji

    This is not a show piece knife. It is meant to be used. A simple no bolster two rivet handle. The geometry looks good. Good cutter that you don't have to baby, can get razor sharp and hold a sharp edge longer than most knives. Think of the many knives that have VG10 Damascus that cost over...
  2. Keith Sinclair

    Withdrawn TF Nashiji

    I'd be all over this if didn't buy a sweet little 180mm TF nashiji with nice wa handle with exposed Machi. here recently. Great little knife. I have a soft spot for Nashiji blades & like the rough finish on the 180.
  3. Keith Sinclair

    TF or Watanabe?

    Agree a lot of complaints are non issues. Both TF bought off BST. Mab gyuto & little 180 Nashiji got as upgrade for wife's Takamura R2. Liked the rough nashjji tall heel 50mm. Has a dark wood octagon handle. As a home blade I use it a lot too chopping up fresh herbs, ginger & garlic. Both TF...
  4. Keith Sinclair

    Drinking Glass Recommendations

    For water use old black cherry glass juice bottles. Drink right out of the bottle. I ordered some nice green hand blown glasses we use at dinner for ice tea. Some times chill them for beer pours.
  5. Keith Sinclair

    Zonirushi ricecooker accuracy?

    Mine came with two cups. Always wash rice & use cups that came with the unit. Cup lines on bowl are for smaller Japan size. Dont worry about PTFE think danger is over blown by people who preach it. I have some ceramic skillets they conduct heat well as with nonstick never go above medium heat.
  6. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    Hip Hop, Rap music and fashion 40 years and still going strong. Making it a major American cultural tradition.
  7. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    Haven't been to Macdonalds in two decades. Take out at outlets these days lines are long. Liked Whoppers better flame broiled lettuce, tomato, pickles. Working in a kitchen for me hard to keep pounds off. Now no problem as buy all our food mostly fresh. Also have a garden . Staying away from...
  8. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    Promise my last post on this thread TV and esp. the net are filled with Conspiracy shows. Keep them because we love a good conspiracy. That means lots of views and money. Even though have no basis in fact. Like inbred sheep, maladjusted monkeys. Alex Jones spewing out loads of pure lies with...
  9. Keith Sinclair

    Why tall knives?

    Did at work & still do at home a lot of chopping. Tall heels are good for that and forward push cuts. One knife doesn't do it all also enjoy light nimble blades used those at work too. Heard about Gengetsu for years before finally got one. White steel wide lamination line just like yours...
  10. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    Goebbels forgot the e This thread off topic for a while. The moon shot stuff got me going. Langley Research Center is in Hampton Va. At Langley AFB. Not in Newport News as you stated. My Father worked there from 1939 when it was NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) It became...
  11. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    White people would miss out on good food if not for people of color from all parts of the world. All countries South of the border from Mexico to tip of Chili, Middle Eastern with wonderful spices, India more great spices, Asia, China, Japan, Southeast Asia Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam...
  12. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    Backyard racism when I was a kid in Virginia my mother told me that Scottish were better than the Irish. My Scottish uncle liked to go fox hunting on horseback a questionable English tradition. When he got old lost his marbles he would go out & sleep with his hound dogs. Now have African...
  13. Keith Sinclair

    Unpopular opinions

    Same reason American football is played instead of that round ball everybody else uses.
  14. Keith Sinclair

    Anybody here on a plant-based diet?

    Huli Huli chix over kaiwe wood & coals. My favorite bird. The soy based fake meat is healthy Seventh day Adventist eat a lot of that stuff live to over 100. We get the Rocket fake grown meat. I throw it in lots of stuff these days. Have a herb garden. Can "elevate" the flavors. We got the...