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  1. KellyW

    For Sale - Wa Martell Sujihiki in O1

    Hi Dave I gave the cleaver to my wife for Christmas. I did not see it until that time. I know you struggled with the geometry of these, and can see how, but I think the one I got was beautiful. You certainly made mine a winner. I was not expecting such a nice piece!!!! Thank you for all...
  2. KellyW

    Vintage Foster Bros - NOS - Cleaver Group Buy

    @daveb - thanks - must have missed that - sorry! Exactly the info I wanted I am look forward to its arrival! Sounds like @Dave Martell as a craftsman is hoping other things live up to his high standards - admirable!!
  3. KellyW

    Vintage Foster Bros - NOS - Cleaver Group Buy

    Hi Dave, I was hoping to clarify that these are still usable as cleavers, correct? I wen back and looked at the pictures and cannot see at all the anomalies you mention. They actually look really nice in the pics form earlier. Are they somewhat sharp as is? Can they be touched up on a stone at...
  4. KellyW

    First (real) japanese knife

    Dhoff the burr is the fine edge also called wire edge that gets bent over to one side after sharpening the other side Here is some great info:
  5. KellyW

    Show your newest knife buy

    Sukenari 240mm Nickel Damascus Wa Gyuoto Hap40 from JCK amazingly sharp OOTB simple handle Used very cautiously
  6. KellyW

    For Sale - 52100 Gyuto w/mustard patina

    Dave - nice work - really nice! Still thinking about the Nakiri and classes, but had a financial set back and will probably have to separate them out. I'll PM you Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
  7. KellyW

    Vintage Foster Bros - NOS - Cleaver Group Buy

    Hi Dave Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry about your dilemma I am pleased to wait and have it right. I would much rather wait and have your skill put into it. I can also cough up a few extra bucks if necessary. As an aside both my wife and I are considering visiting to take your...
  8. KellyW

    Anyone use felt buffing wheels for deburring? Do they work?

    I assume the best possible sharpening is with a low speed belt. Does anyone know a suggested belt speed ??
  9. KellyW

    Anyone use felt buffing wheels for deburring? Do they work?

    I saw this on you Tube ...thought it was an interesting example of a leather wheel
  10. KellyW

    New Member - "You have insufficient privileges to post here"

    I too am new to posting, and to this whole world. My wife Amy is a great cook. I saw her cutting the other day with our Victronox and she seemed to struggle a bit. I noticed the knife was so dull she might as well have been using the back of the blade. I have an old Norton oil stone and made...