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    Help me Choose a 210mm Gyuto from Mizaki, Yoshikane, Wakui, and Hinoura

    Hinoura's AS is pretty easy to sharpen
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    Ebony Handles from Knives & Stones

    Bought two ebony handles with silver spacers from K&S. Good quality however the ebony wasn't as dark as I'd like. The wood may have shrunk a little during shipping from Australia to Canada.
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    So what Kono's do I have?

    Suji is probably Swedish Stainless
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    First impressions & comparisons: Morihei Hishiboshi 500, 1000, 4000

    Here's a few close up photos of the Morihei 500
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    Tou knives

    I believe there won't be anymore available
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    TF now 20% more expensive

    That one is Stainless Clad. The soft iron cladded ones would be the kurouchi
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    First impressions & comparisons: Morihei Hishiboshi 500, 1000, 4000

    They're splash and go but I still soak them for a minute or two as they're quite thirsty.
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    Morihei 3k and 4K synths

    I haven’t used them in awhile but i’ll make some time for a test later.
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    Ming sayas

    Hey, I’ll message him and ask if he’s making them.
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    POLL: How much is a Jiro Nakagawa gyuto worth to you?

    The website description shows the Date of Manufacture. #001 was made in June 2019
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    Morihei 3k and 4K synths

    Heres some photos of the Morihei Hishiboshi finish on a Takeda AS Suji Morihei 500 Morihei 1000 Morihei 4000 Morihei 8000 Morihei 12000
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    Sources for a rustic laser?

    What about the Konosuke Keiai T1?
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    Do you have beater knife/s ?

    10" henckels