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  1. KimBronnum

    Am I getting worse at Sharpening?

    @Captain... I recommend you to wach Jons youtube videos on how to sharpen a few times - and especially the video about the trick to do the tip. I learned a lot by watching his videos again and again. Every time I became consistent in one area, I watched the videos again and learned new little...
  2. KimBronnum

    Kato Alert

    Do you know that literally - about production? I heard that both sons work there. I don’t know about their production, I just wonder.
  3. KimBronnum

    Yanagiba recommendation requested.

    At JNS the Mazaki Line has a 270 mm kurouchi for about 200 S and a 300 mm stainless at 390 S.If you are spending money on rehandeling the knife at leaset buy a decent one. Buying a too cheap knife will give you a poor experience.
  4. KimBronnum

    What type of knife user are you ?

    #3 with a collection of about 30 knives and many stones. So i guess it also make me a 3/4 [emoji3]
  5. KimBronnum

    Show your newest knife buy

    Could you give a short review of how this knife cuts etc. I’ve been interested in his work as Steffen lives only 8 kilometres from my home. The knives look really nice and well done [emoji2] - Kim
  6. KimBronnum

    mazaki knives

    No, he has just changed the grind
  7. KimBronnum

    mazaki knives

    My JNS speciment isnt very reactive either. Its from the new (2nd) grind batch. Id say middle of the road compared to other carbon cladded knives.
  8. KimBronnum

    mazaki knives

    I know what you meen, Panda. I had kind of the same feeling when I took it to a finishing stone OOTB. But as LOL wrote I did and with a start at a coarser stone the knives responded really well. Both a gyuto, petty and the mini yanagi. - Kim
  9. KimBronnum

    Who makes the finest Yanagiba in your humble opinion?

    Shigefusa is my number one. Toyama a close second. - Kim
  10. KimBronnum

    Toyama knives worth the money?

    I absolutely love Toyamas. I think I have 9 different knives from him. They are all great IMO. - Kim
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    Rustbucket giveaway

  12. KimBronnum

    Couple knives

    @ s-Line: the fugohiki is such an awsome knife. Forced my Shiges into their boxes. Somebody is going to enjoy the lightsabre. - Kim
  13. KimBronnum

    Hi from Denmark

    Velkommen 🇩🇰
  14. KimBronnum

    Honesuki advice

    I absolutely love my Toyama. It has amazing edgeretension and it is a joy to work with. - Kim