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    FS: Del Ealy pairer AEBL with ironwood LIKE NEW

    Up for sale is an almost new Del Ealy pairing knife. It is made with AEBL steel and desert ironwood. It is a gorgeous little knife but I never use it, opting instead for bigger knives. I have only used it once to cut up some strawberries for a smoothie (which was completely pointless as I have a...
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    She said yes!

    I somehow managed to convince my girlfriend to come to celebrate Christmas with my family in California. And for the effort I rewarded her with an engagement ring! :biggrin: Just had to share!
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    Question for DE shavers

    Shaved this morning, switched back to Proraso, changed the blade and paid closer attention to my technique. MUCH better this time around. I think the technique was the biggest thing, I'm pretty sure I got lazy and started doing long drags and was pushing too hard and then using a used blade and...
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    Guy Fieri Christmas Special (SNL/parody)

    I'd watch this. :happy2:
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    Question for DE shavers

    Thanks for all the input guys! Next time I'm going to pay closer attention to my technique along with a new blade. Pretty sure I was pressing too hard.
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    Question for DE shavers

    I've been shaving with a boar's brush and cream for a while and finally order an Edwin Jagger DE89 razor. I was a bit nervous my first shave but it went fine, didn't nick myself at all. This morning I shaved again and it was the worst shave I've had a long time; I nicked my chin and got a weird...
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    Bring in the brass monkey!

    Kinda relevant.
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    Semi-annual batch of homemade chili powder.....15lbs worth....

    Also Pendery's is a great source for chili powder if you can't find good stuff locally or can't make it yourself.
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    Semi-annual batch of homemade chili powder.....15lbs worth....

    I have a Vitamix but I'm using the regular container, is the dry blade container really necessary or that much better? I just haven't been able to plop out another $100+ on it.
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    Semi-annual batch of homemade chili powder.....15lbs worth....

    +1 you'll find a bigger selection at a Mexican market but I've never found a regular grocery store that didn't have all of the dried chilis listed by the OP. I've made homemade chili powder using my Vitamix, but I've never pre-roasted, I'll have to give that a shot. Toasting and grinding your...
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    anyone using vintage cast iron?

    I've finally got my #7 Griswold slant logo seasoned up right; a frying egg will slide around beautifully. I'm so excited to finally have it seasoned so well. Just had to make some changes in my technique and also stopped relying on baking soda and/or salt for cleaning- hot water and a spatula...
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    konosuke sujihiki

    I can't offer any alternatives in its price range, but I personally did not care for my Kono suji; it was far too thin and flexy for what I needed it for.
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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    My girlfriend wanted chili so I made my first pot of the season. Before anyone starts bashing me for using beans, I'm not a chili purist. I love all types of chili. I do make a pretty good "pure" Texas Red chili with nothing but meat and chiles but sometimes I'll used ground beef/chili grind and...
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    Pushing DE Razors on TV

    OK, so I'm ready to get a DE razor, can anyone recommend one for a beginner? I don't really want to pay more than $40 since I also need a brush, bowl, etc. Also what blades should I start with?