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    WTT Shigefusa kasumi deba 180mm BNIB

    Thought your watermark was special kanji on the ferrule at first.
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    Withdrawn Kato WH 240

    The profile looks off.
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    WTT /WTS Shigefusa Kitaeji 165 Nakiri - BNIB

    I've got some purchase interest if the trades fall through.
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    Are the restaurants and retail also relocating? I guess it would make sense that they do.
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    Howdy from Seattle

    Where do you work now?
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    SOLD Shigefusa Kitaeji Santoku 185mm

    What's the dream knife?
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    Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing recommendations

    I assume you're talking about quanjude? The place these days is siji minfu.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Is that more of a big nakiri/Chinese cleaver or a mini meat cleaver?
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    SOLD or WTT Shigefusa 240mm Kasumi Wa-Gyuto

    Probably gonna get picked up before this is answered, but do you have the weight?
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    Kato geometry

    Isn't Kiyoshi Kato in Hokuto? That's quite a ways off from Sanjo.
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    SOLD Shigefusa Nakiri Kitaeji 165mm

    Getting more audio equipment?
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    WTS Older gengetsu

    What are the differences between the new and old gengetsus?
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    WTS Shigefusa Kasumi yanagiba 300mm with Ebony & Sterling silver handle

    Ugh if I hadn't recently picked up a 270. Glws. Lemme know if you need to hand off that western gyuto though...