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    The 'Best' Gyuto Edge Length—225mm of course!

    All you non 240 users
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    a perhaps not so kosher request

    Good luck trying to find out which sharpener did which line of knives for Tanaka or Shiraki. Then tracing which middlemen brokered the deal, and finding out which vendor asked for what specs on their knives not limited to HRC, length, heel height and grind. Then finding out who the handle maker...
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    TF or Watanabe?

    It is forged in house just not prelaminated
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    TF or Watanabe?

    Only for the western handle. Otherwise no. Anything to Denka, BIG step up. Even my thinned and sharpened Mab doesn’t hold a candle to the Denka ootb. And for me the answer to TF or Watanabe, the answer is TF, although I do love my Toyanabe loads too. TF just cuts more aggressively and swiftly...
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    TF or Watanabe?

    Just buy it. Don’t like it, someone on BST will take it off you.
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    TF or Watanabe?

    Only if you’ve the cash to blow IMO.
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    From the picture it’s obvious he hacked together a cow and horse then stuck the cut up Shig nakiri on its forehead
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    TF or Watanabe?

    It was THE post that started it all 😆
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    TF or Watanabe?

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    TF or Watanabe?

    Was that a custom? Thought Wat Ku nakiris only came in 180
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    TF or Watanabe?

    Best looking Denka out there 😍😍😍
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    The old Dick appreciation thread

    I love my Dick! Sometimes I let my girlfriend use it too!
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    Ignoring JML: A Whole New Forum!!!

    Imagine the fun to be had when he finally gets a knife. Which is the best stone Which is the best handle for wood Which is the best material for cutting board Which is the best grip for knife Its endless 😂
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    How do you gauge store brand and retailer lines?

    Are you talking about sex or the knife?
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    How do you gauge store brand and retailer lines?

    I’ve tried that Tanaka at Razorsharp. It’s a really awesome knife. Just get it. If you don’t like it, buy up my TF Denka, I guarantee satisfaction with that 😉