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    WTS Tansu aebl suji new pics

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    Passaround WIP

    Would love to get in on this if CanUs is an option!
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    WTT Dalman 240 western honyaki

    Wow, glwt. Been looking for one of these awhile!
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    Takada no Hamono

    Have had my takada (210mm wh2) for about a month now and absolutely love it. Great taper, convex grind, very thin behind the edge and good food release, steel also feels great during touch ups on jnats
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    Bernal or Carbon?

    Great experience with Bernal (non CONUS) as well, haven’t used Carbon yet but have heard great things
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    Makin' Pickles

    Or sea salt, or kosher salt. Really just avoid table (iodized) salt
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    Makin' Pickles

    As an avid fermenter and chef I highly recommend “full sour” or “half sour” kosher dill pickles, especially if you have a crock. Mix a 5% salt brine (5g salt per 100g h2o) make sure at RT, cut a few heads of garlic in half and through in dill seed heads, bunches or seeds, a few slices of fresh...
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    R2 gyuto as daily driver?

    Absolutely love the shibata kotetsu line. Big “lasers”, good retention, great cutting performace. Do find sharpening to require more “effort”, but well worth it!
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    Rhubarb changing patina?

    Thanks! Would make sense! I guess the lower concentration left the core steel less affected?
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    Rhubarb changing patina?

    Interested more in the specific acid and how that would effect patina colouration.
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    Rhubarb changing patina?

    Been using this Konosuke Fujiyama blue 1 240 (new finish) for about a year as a daily driver. Patina has been pretty set, but after chopping a lot of rhubarb the patina on the core is very blue, while the cladding is almost shiny again? I know the acid in rhubarb would react, but I wonder why it...
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    WTS Mert Tansu 250 Blue #2 Honyaki

    Holy beautiful, if only times weren’t tough as a chef these days. GLWS
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    WIP of 240 in 26c3

    Wow absolutely fantastic!