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    WTS Custom handle

    I wouldn't be so sure, some wood glues are milk protein (casein) based ;)
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    WTS Custom handle

    No, Cocobolo is a known sensitizer. If I hadn't been working with it, I would have been fine. But the idea of using a wood that has the possibility to cause allergic reactions through exposure? Not with my food, thank you. From what I have seen, just about EVERYONE is allergic to cocobolo after...
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    WTS Custom handle

    I don't agree with that tbh. I was working with cocobolo for a slingshot handle I was making and for weeks afterwards I couldn't touch the stuff. Even the surface oils made my hands painful and itchy. I Personally wouldn't use cocobolo for food applications unless it is finished with CA or many...
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    WTS Custom handle

    No, it does. Some people are quite allergic to cocobolo
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    WTS Custom handle

    Is the handle finished with anything? If you can use a card scraper on the dark stuff, I can confirm my suspicions that it's Cocobolo, the stuff has these beautiful purple and yellow-ey streaks before it oxidizes Does the dark wood have an specific smell? sorta spicy or peppery?
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    WTS Custom handle

    You sure that's ebony? it has very defined grain. I can confirm, the other wood is maple
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    SOLD (EU)Hiromoto as 240mm thinned,etched,rehandled

    Wow! Where is this knife from? I believe I have a deba by the same guys!
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    Hello! Interested?

    Truly, the ultimate knife- nay, the ultimate TOOL! Wait no! The ULTIMATE human achievement!
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    Hello! Interested?

    Did someone say Cutco? *grabs pitchfork and torch* in all seriousness, welcome! People around here (like myself) tend to be snobs, and cutco is often the butt of jokes. Here's one to get you started! Whats Brown, lumpy, and smells like bad food? Enjoy your stay!
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    New on the forum

    Welcome! enjoy your stay!
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    IM BACK!

    your work is amazing! And the tip on that petty (?) crazy stuff!
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    "Workhorse gyuto" defined. Or is it?

    I would consider a workhorse any knife that can take you through any task and survive moderate abuse.
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    Withdrawn Two Ho-wood handles (EU)

    What exactly is Ho Wood? I've only seen it mentioned very rarely in knife handles. The plant seems to have many medicinal properties though...?
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    Why buy a gyuto over a santoku?

    I personally find the lack of a fine, pointy tip really reduces the "tacticool" factor of my knives. That, and speed holes. ;) In all seriousness, I don't think my advice is any different than others' in this thread. You do you. If you have a santoku that you love and do good work with, there's...