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    Recommend a stone holder

    Same here
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    Anyone used one of these Itsuo Doi gyutos?

    @FishmanDE Sorry I never got a chance to add to this thread or send the pics you requested. After a day at work I took that Doi back home, grabbed another work horse, and forgot about it. I'll get in touch with CKC when I get a chance, they've made amends in the past. On mine the machi hangs...
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    WTS Tsubaya Tanaka 240 Blue 1 Gyuto

    That guys 270 big brother has been 1 out 5 knives that stays out on my home kitchen magnet.
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    SOLD Heiji 280mm Gyuto

    Mmmmmm, want, DM’d
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    What the heck is this?

    Would love to hear you order a cannolo at Modern
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    What's in your bag?

    Top row 240 Itsuo Doi B2 gyuto 240 Toyama SC B2 gyuto 300 Toyama B2 yanagiba 300 Toyama IC B2 suji 270 Shigefusa kitaeji yanagiba/really wants to be a fugu though Bottom row 150 Wat B2 honesuki 210 Toyama IC B2 gyuto 180 Toyama B2 deba 210 Konosuke W2 suji 150 Itinomonn SC SS petty Darkhardt...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Recent purchases, time to take them in to see what’s up. 300 mm Toyama yanagiba (above average Toy f&f, 222 grams and nice height) 240 mm Toyama SS gyuto (I broke down since my iron clad is shrinking) 240 Itsuo Doi (talk about slam pigs 🐷 , 277 grams of yams 🍠) 270 mm Shig kitaeji yanagiba...
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    Withdrawn Watanabe SS 240mm

    Is the Toyama also SS?
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    How do you take care of wooden handles?

    Tru-oil has been awesome on the cork and wood handles of the fishing rods I build. Years of salt water abuse with little to no change, not dried out at all and still nonslip when wet. There is more than one Western maker I've spoken to that uses it on their knife handles. I don't treat my...
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    How many kitchen knives do you own?

    Darkhardt Edge Slim XL & Asphyx LG for the keepers and work rotation....knife boxes in a suitcase for the ones I'll probably sell. Mixed long single bevels, Sakai, Toyama, Sanjo, Shig and the mixed work wrap...still need a couple of wraps for my Western keepers.
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    How many kitchen knives do you own?

    A lot...and I've been eyeballing some more, thanks for the reality check...still gonna get 'em...need to sell, sell, sell! 17 x single bevel slicers 8 x deba 2 x usuba 6 x nakiri 4 x honesuki 3 x santoku 6 x butchery type deals 2 x bread knife 11 x petty 21 x suji 47 x gyuto
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    Oyster Knife recommendations

    I grew up on the East Coast and used these three, Boston, Island Creek and Pointy. Still using the second two on the West Coast, easier on the smaller Gigas and Sikameas out here, but my team prefer the New Haven.
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    beer and a shot type of night...Popfuji and Blanton's 2nd course...old school favorite, La Chouffe Blonde