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    How much should I expect to spend to get into sharpening?

    I'd say if you're just starting out, get a King 1k and some kind of flattening method. Diamond plate, stone flattener, loose silicon carbide on glass or ceramic tile. Otherwise replace the King stone with a Shapton Glass 500 double thick.
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    Can't shave!

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    Why all the Shun hate?

    Wow! They must of been trying to suck intentionally.
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    Why all the Shun hate?

    Have you heard of Mercer?
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    Recipe Requested I just harvested a massive amount of chives

    Use them with, or in place of, onions also. Old school fine dining garnish also :cool:
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    Why all the Shun hate?

    Totally Ridiculous Sharpening?
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    For TF fanboys (or girls)

    I was thinking massages
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    What are typically used but respectable (non-custom) handles?

    I bet having a 'Handle plant' helps.
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    An available desirable knife to review

    It's semi-stainless. And, technically on paper because of the Carbon content, cast iron. 🤔 It's stainless enough leaving it wet for 15 minutes won't leave you with rust.
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    Best knife collection threads?

    Valgard's usually doesn't disappoint. Not that anyone else's is disappointing.
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    How exactly do you apply pressure while sharpening?

    Even pressure on push and pull.
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    First Wa Handle, to epoxy or not?

    Hmm EDIT: After the tang is inserted.
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    First Wa Handle, to epoxy or not?

    A sliver of wood and hot glue or beeswax. Hot glue will be a little sturdier.
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    For TF fanboys (or girls)

    What TF are you talking about?