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Knives and Stones
Dexter vintage 12.5" carbon scimitar (coming soon!)
Kato western 240 work house gyuto (x2)
Haburn 240 gyuto AEB-L
2 HHH production run AEB-L gyutos #44 & 86
Itinomonn western 240
Andy Billipp 10" Gyuto 52100
Kochi 240 gyuto stainless
Konosuke Fujiyama 240 gyuto blue (sold)
Konosuke Fujiyama 210 suji white (sold)
Richmond Laser 240 gyuto blue
Marko 270 Suji 52100 (sold)
Pierre Rodrigue 240 Mid Tech gyuto (sold)
Pierre Rodrigue Power Sword 263 gyuto (sold)
Coming soon- Martell 240
Marko 240 gyuto 52100 (sold)
Marko 250 Heavy Duty Gyuto, western handle,52100
Marko 240 gyuto DT Mystery Carbon
Bloodroot 9.5" Filet
Shig Kasumi 210 gyuto (sold)
Hattori FH 150 petty (sold)
Hattori FH 240 gyuto (sold)
Zwilling Kramer parer in Damascus
Global cleaver
Moritaka Kiritsuke 240 (sold)
Zwilling 8" & 10" chef knife, 9"slicer 52100
Zwilling Kramer 10" Essential chef knife
Shun Meiji kramer 8" chef (sold) and bread knife
240 52100 prospect CUT Brooklyn
210 Damascus gyuto from Delbert Ealy
240 Delbert Ealy gyuto O-1 (sold)
Del parer in AEB-L (sold)
Shun Fuji 8.5" gyuto and 9" suji and honesuki (sold)
Mario 260 gyuto (traded for: )
Mario 250 gyuto
Carter 240 gyuto
HHH 270 Damascus gyuto "Tuxedo"
240 Catchside gyuto O-1 (sold)
250 Catcheside Damascus gyuto
240 Sakai Yusuke gyuto white#2 (sold)
240 Hirimoto AS gyuto
240 Dragon gyuto (sold)
Takumi Ikeda 240mm Damascus Gyuto (sold)
Devin Thomas ITK 240 gyuto (old and new) old sold