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    Recs for small prep knife?

    165mm funayuki
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    Western Maker Comparison

    Thank you for doing this. Many of these knives are hard to get and of course have a significant investment component. It is much appreciated that you posted your thoughts on them as many of this (read me) will likely never have the chance to try all of them.
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    Burnt Chestnut?

    Just curious when you last confirmed this with JKI. I thought Jon said that there is a shortage of those handles and I am not sure he is even doing handle work with as busy as he is so curious if you have some kind of recent interaction on this that would verify. Thanks.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    I have one and the handle is called burnt white ash.
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    T-F knives

    Dream scenario for me would be for Jon to carry a line of these TF-Ginga and do the QA and initial sharpening on them.
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    New masashi line?

    I don't want to mess up the topic which is focused on the new design, so will be short in describing my experience with the original design knife. I just received the original style and took it to the food prep kitchen that I volunteer at on Monday. I cut up 100#'s of carrots and 50#'s of...
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    Cleaning up sharpening gunk

    I use a rust eraser.
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    New masashi line?

    I don't know if I have the newer version or not but really like the knife, SLD version. I don't think the photos do it justice. Fit and finish are very nice and OTB sharpness is pretty good with a some touch-up in the belly area needed. Have used it to prep vegetables for soups and just some...
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    Future rainbow-ass unicorn prediction

    I think it is unknown whether he will make many knives going forward. He said he was keeping his equipment for now but also said he had to support his family with a more stable income so I think it is unlikely he returns to making many knives.
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    Cleaning up sharpening gunk

    I guess I will be the dissenting voice on whether to run it down the drain. I take it outside and dump it and rinse everything out using the hose on the side of the house.
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    Tsukiji Masamoto knives direct online order

    Thank you for posting. Any favorites to look at?
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    Where to buy Yoshikane SLD?

    Really wish they would build a basic website so you know what they carry.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Which version did you purchase?
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    Looking for a Beater Knife

    There was a pretty good thread on this a bit earlier this year. I don't know if this link to other threads works but the title was old beater meet new beater and it was from someone that is a pro and works in a kitchen every day...
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    2020 bucket list

    Thank you would love to hear more. Which steel did you go with?