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    Information on "mainstream" high end Japanese brands such as Takeshi Saji and Sakai Takayuki?

    You have been starting more than one thread per day since you joined more than a month ago. I think that you might be making @Michi nervous ...
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    Hello from LA! New to Kitchen Knife Forums :)

    Welcome to the forums
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    Hello, from another new member

    Welcome to the forums
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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    You are basically becoming a KKF influencer. Not making a video is not really an option anymore.
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    Knives and stones!

    Welcome to the forums
  6. Matus

    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    Maybe they got visible after Some use when some humidity creeped in and caused discoloration
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    Hello fellow knife enthusiasts!

    Hi and welcome to the forums
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    Unpopular opinions

    I think that - on a forum that is so intimately connected to cooking - not banning people who like McDonalds tells a lot about our inclusivity.
  9. Matus

    Unpopular opinions

    It is quite a while ago when 1 micrometer was too small in cutting edge engineering. And those more mundane technical fields work perfectly fine numbers like 10 micrometers. To me it makes more sense to talk about numbers large than 1 in given unit, rather than 0.000000something.
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    Unpopular opinions

    I wish that was true. It is beyond me why wheel (rim) sizes are in inches, but tire sizes are in millimeters... both in Europe and US.
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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    So true. If you message a ‘normal’ person saying that you just got an ‘expensive shig’, they will think it is just a typo ...
  12. Matus

    Knife findings

    I really like the form factor and the HT is fantastic. I have not expected that white#2 can be so hard and tough at the same time. So if one is looking for a nimble, semi-laser with an actual distal taper and very good grind, it is hard to go wrong with it.
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    From singapore

    Welcome to the forums - show us that collection! :)
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    Unpopular opinions

    Banning people from certain threads should be unpopular enough 😎
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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    Not sensing any anger from @ma_sha1 , you on the other hand ...