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  1. maxim

    Knife findings

    Luckily there is always anti software for a software :)
  2. maxim

    Toyama 240mm gyuto bought from JNS is not straight

    This thread can actually be informative for other what is straight really i mean surly no knives can be 100 % straight and defiantly not a spine, plus there is many factors to consider that can be misleading specially curves tappers and grinds as it vary trough out the knife, how do you in the...
  3. maxim

    Toyama 240mm gyuto bought from JNS is not straight

    It is indeed forged that way because of the thicker steel at the handle and tappers very quick at the choil it will look that way with straight line, then all Shigefusa is bend as well :D if you lay ruler after the forged spine you will see that it is straight :D i attached same picture Just...
  4. maxim

    Live and learn - how would you guys proceed?

    Thank you :confused:
  5. maxim

    Kkf just a place for knife sale profit?

    yep yep :P
  6. maxim

    Kato Alert

    Ok need to clean up weird infos here :P First of all Tamahagene Yanagi is much harder to make then sword, for Kato anyway, first of all because of the size thinner and hardness Swords never made that hard as yanagi is, Kato use as much time for Yanagi then on sword as do all other sword makers...
  7. maxim

    Maksim's re-handling method - glue type

    I also have seen now some use plastic beads in Japan :P quiet cool idea as handle can also be removed after that. Toyama uses wood filler on his knives, But i am always in favor of using something that you can remove handle after. If you really want your handle permanently then Epoxy is the way...
  8. maxim

    What is the difference between the red aoto and the aoto?

    Not quite as simple, Red aoto is actually not really Acapin layer, it is actually even more shallower, as miner explained to me it is not really a finisher as Akapin, Akapin layer is much finer then the Red aotos i used to sell So it is something in between Aoto layer and Akapin layer Marketing...
  9. maxim

    What is the difference between the red aoto and the aoto?

    Blue one is harder bit finer ment for razors and tools or ura works on single beveled, Red one is much softer best for knives wide beveled etc, Both approx 3-5grit both mixed grit stones
  10. maxim

    New Mazaki Profile. Opinions?

    Yep prices ricing this year in Japan for knives as well, i just increase them slowly instead all at ones, all old inventory however will not be, but it is legit prices will rice for all knives this year because of coal, fuel steel prices
  11. maxim

    Returning Knife to JNS thru USPS, Anyone?

    I did not wanted to comment but here it go, so i dont get misunderstood it took me less then 1 min to fix it, i touched it up on 6k stone thats was it, from start when i received it it was small burr size gab and i had to really look hard to look after that small gab I explained from the start...
  12. maxim

    question regarding knife steels

    No dont think i get any in SKD, when i tried some samples SKD vs SLD i liked SLD much better, of those makers anyway Sharpens much better then SKD they made
  13. maxim

    TF or Watanabe?

    To be honest i regret now that i commented at all, it is pointless it seems. But yes i would not mind if it was did same to me, if Shigefusa, Kato sold outsourcing knives to me and i said they only made them i will like to people will tell me that or corrected me if i wrong, specially for...
  14. maxim

    TF or Watanabe?

    Thank you exactly my point, Watanabe sells fine knives ! And it is not about bashing some knives I got promision to say that both from Toyama and other vendors and thats why i speak up. I just say what i hear from different whole-sellers smiths, shops costumers in Sanjo Japan, it is not info...
  15. maxim

    TF or Watanabe?

    I have dealt with that in Natural stone business for some time, always :P Never thought it will come over to knives, but got my shock this year in Japan.