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    SOLD 8" Kramer Zwilling Damascus

    SOLD. Thanks KFF
  2. megapuff5

    SOLD 8" Kramer Zwilling Damascus

    Catch and release? Picked this blade up a couple months ago from KKF here WTS - Zwilling Kramer & Miyabi A few weeks after purchasing I got a magic e-mail offering the Hattori KD that I had finally given up on. This knife has been used in my home a few times, but still in like new condition...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    After probably close to a decade of searching for a Hattori KD 240 or 210 at a reasonable price... happy father's day to me:D🔪:)
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    WTS Zwilling Kramer & Miyabi

    PM sent for da kramer
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    SOLD Yaxell Dragon BD1N Santoku --- $25 Dollar

    pm sent I could make use of this
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    Chopsticks and how to choose nicer ones?

    I bought some nice ones cheap from taobao
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    2020 bucket list

    Same thing that was on my list in 2019 and 2018... hattori KD 210 at a reasonable price....
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    What’s in your home kitchen, and what’s it worth?

    Sous vide machine, Searzall & blowtorch, stand mixer, vitamix, food processor, steam toaster oven, microwave, polyscience vacuum sealer, smoking gun, spice grinder, waffle maker, muffin maker, ice cream machine, dehydrator, pressure cooker, thermapen, iSi, 4 well seasoned cast iron (2 were my...
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    Shun pairing is still one of my favorite knives all these years later. I'll goto that before my custom Carter, hattori pairing, DT pairing, or others. It stays sharp forever and has a great profile that's perfect for small tasks..
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    Hobbyists who aren't chefs

    I consider myself a culinary enthusiast, but am not a chef. As a kid I liked playing with knives and fire. After living in my own I got more into cooking learning I can make food better then what I eat when I go out to my tastes. Then I got my first Shun chefs knife, then I found knife forums...
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    BST rules/etiquette/decorum

    I second that. Am part if a bourbon BST group and there is a rule that the purchase price must be posted publicly.
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    Kramer knives cheap at home butcher. Today only

    Do it, sg2 is great steel too
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    WTS Murray Carter Damascus Petty 105mm

    My first time selling on here and read thru the guidelines, please let me know if I'm missing anything. I had Murray Carter make me this knife custom about 6 years ago and barely use it and stupidly I kept nothing but the box and don't even remember how much I paid. It's got a brass bolster...
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    The most expensive$$$ knife that you are holding now!!

    Mine would certainly be this Hattori KD. Cants say its value as it varies quite a bit depending on buyer & seller if one can even find..