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    180mm Feather Gyuto (work in progress)

    Wow, what a nice etching job. Wood looks like ringed gidgee?
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    My knives, Markin Andrei.

    Wow, that is one thin tip! Did you laminate it yourself or have you been so lucky to find a source for laminated stainless besides vg10?
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    beater most used knife

    +1 kind of matte look. No flah or bling but it looks nice.
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    Dust in the shop

    So interesting to see all your setups. You don't smell the fire with a respirator indeed. I saw smoke from the machine when I changed belts. Switching wood to steel and not cleaned the piled up wooddust. Guess that's most often the culprit.
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    A2 steel - History and Properties

    Nice read Thanks
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    "If you build a handle, the blade will come"

    Does this work primarily on maple, a certain class of woods or will any wood do?
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    Durability testing Watanabe Pro Gyuto

    U serious about the dropped hair split? I split a dropped potatoe and tomato, cleancut paper towel and sliced a tomato sideways without touching it, so i know my sharpening basics. Still a dropped hair seems like a longshot. Maybe a very long one. Or maybe my finisher just isn't good enough.
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    Durability testing Watanabe Pro Gyuto

    I find this sharpening style works best with thicker knives. Makes sense too as the angle towards the zero grind is less steep. I suppose a thin knife with a low bevel would work too. For a thin knife with high bevel it just gets too fragile for my taste. For that knife I use a regime of 1 zero...
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    How this cooking/knife lifestyle ruined your life.

    Since we are complaining cutting boards, the opposite happened to me two weeks ago. I was staying at my aunt so I checked out the kitchen. Brought my stones as I usually do just in case. Nice large end grain board. I think 'off to good start'. Large block of western knives. So I pull one out...
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    How this cooking/knife lifestyle ruined your life.

    Damn you caught me. Rewinded Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix to see what Samin uses. Miyabi birchwood. There's worse choices I think to myself. Then she goes on to use someones heritage knife on a ceramic plate. The horror.
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    150mm Honesuki

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    First knife - trash recycling

    Often I find the rehab and tuneup projects the most fun. Takes a lot less time and boring grindwork than making a new one from a strip of metal.
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    First knife - trash recycling

    Nice rehab. Still not sure where the particle board went into it though.
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    Kinda diggin this one!

    Nice press!!!!