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    Some resolution of outstanding Honu Mana work

    This situation is very unfortunate and the efforts to get things "right" are very commendable, but the fact that this vendors forum remains accessible is buggin’ the hell out of me. I’m speaking as a past vendor that decided to not renew their subscription and experienced the heavy-handed and...
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    Hi from QLD Australia

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    It's been a minute, but I still get down!

    Wow!! Really cool work, Chris.
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    Handle for Tanaka r2

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    The best supplement for my Takeda AS Gyuto 240?

    Why not buy a Takeda petty? http://www.arizonacustomknives.com/petit-knife-nas--148-cm-by-shosui-takeda-179013.aspx
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    Beginning of knifemaking journey

    Impressive progress from blade one...looking good
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    Philadelphia it is!

    Congrats Stefan!!
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    Stabilized Blocks Ancient Bog Oak - Carbon Dated 2090 Years old - Stabilized by K&G

    I don't make handles anymore, but I still want a couple blocks!!!
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    Not new but its been a long time

    Thanks...no plan to make handles again
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    Not new but its been a long time

    Thanks guys it's good to be back
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    Old Forgecraft high carbon with a Wa handle.

    They are great knives, and a very good score. Sorry if I mistakenly took credit for someone's work... looks like you did a great job sir.
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    Not new but its been a long time

    Since it's been so long thought I would make a post here and say hi. I used to be a regular, and would make the occasional wonky handle. I have sold off or given away most of my collection and use a large CCK almost exclusively these days. I miss you guys.
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    Old Forgecraft high carbon with a Wa handle.

    That is a Henry conversion. I can't remember who it was for originally...but I remember doing the work.
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    new shoes for Konosuke (photos heavy)

    I might make the occasional handle but that's about it...too busy at work and I kinda Lost interest
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    new shoes for Konosuke (photos heavy)

    Beautiful work