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    Ghessin hide, heiji or katos

    I have this up for sale.*price-reduced-400?highlight=Heiji
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    Gesshin Heiji 240 mm Semi-Stainless Gyuto *price reduced $400

    214 grams 244 mm heel to tip (straight) 259 mm from handle to tip (straight) 49 mm tall (from the edge of the heel to the spine). It's also been freshly polished.
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    Various knives

    You couldn't have bought the Burke. You're a damn tease. Haha.
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    Gesshin Heiji 240 mm Semi-Stainless Gyuto *price reduced $400

    Haven't been around in a couple of years, but am bumping this because this is just sitting around and I need to sell some knives I never use, like this one. $400.
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    Practicing fish butchery

    Get a fish butchery book (there are several Japanese ones that have photos and go through butchery step by step), get your knives nice and sharp, then buy the cheapest, freshest (still in rigor or firm), local fish (because they're usually the cheapest), and practice. And be prepared to eat a...
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    carolina Gold rice?

    You won't find many, if any, "defective" Japanese rices in the US as most come from California, and the processors are good about making sure that they're free of defects such as debris, etc. Higher end bags of Japanese rices are even Nitrogen flushed and sold in non-gas permeable bags so they...
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    The building blocks of Japanese Cuisine

    Sansho is a condiment, and a not so common one at that. It's definitely not even close to being a "building block" of Japanese cuisine. Same with Ponzu; it's a condiment of limited use. It's not supposed to be poured all over everything. On the other hand, Katsuobushi and Konbu are...
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    Heading to Charleston

    If you have a car, and will be there during the weekend, I recommend going to Scott's barbecue just outside of Charleston in Hemingway.
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    Danny Owen AKA Zwiefel

    I heard about Danny's passing from Jon Broida yesterday. Peace be with you, Danny.
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    ChucktheButcher - Sad News

    Very sad news, and such a young guy. Rest in peace.
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    My Bad. Experience with Metal Master

    I had a similar experience. I ordered a 240 Blue Tanaka gyuto. No communication after purchase except for confirmation, but the knife was delivered about a month later, with a handle that was installed approximately 30 degrees off. I had to have it rehandled.
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    Do Solid Silicone Cutting Boards Keep Edges Sharper Longer?

    The Hi-Soft and some of the Japanese boards are not truly dishwasher safe.
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    Paul Prudhomme Passes at 75...

    This. RIP, Chef.