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    An available desirable knife to review

    I know many here will consider this sexist, but I feel the most realistic way to quickly build your YouTube following is to do your knife reviews dressed in a tiny bikini or perhaps alluring lingerie if you are what the general public considers an attractive female. If you are male, you very...
  2. milkbaby

    WTS Bloodroot integral 240

    Crazy this is still available, such a really nice example! I bet if there were classifieds in Garden and Gun magazine this would sell right away. 🤷‍♂️
  3. milkbaby

    TF after repair and sharpening

    You will not have much extra wood left after rehandling. When you saw a piece of wood, you will lose some of it from the kerf. Your block is small, and if I were making the handle, I might not saw any off and just grind the excess which would only produce sawdust, no cutoffs.
  4. milkbaby

    Some A2 gyutos

    Nice work, nice gifts! :goodjob:
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    C. 1900 I Wilson Sheffield Butchers' Knife

    You could take the scales off and sand them flat. You'll be able to guesstimate how much width you might lose after removing them. A slow curing epoxy will help seal the handle from water infiltration when you reinstall. An alternative method could be to try clamping the scales flat and use a...
  6. milkbaby

    WIP of 240 in 26c3

    I prefer the original handle but oh well... Finished blade is a beauty tho. :goodjob:
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    My Stuff

    You need to stop because I'm ODing on the pictures alone! LOL I was just geeking out on the wood on that Isasmedjan on his Instagram the other day.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Arm hair shaving can vary depending on each individual's arm hair; some people have hair that's harder or easier to shave than other's. Also, there's a difference in shaving between "scraping" hair off the skin versus "tree-topping". Crazy sharp means you could possibly "tree-top" hair...
  9. milkbaby

    194mm CPM-M4 Santoku

    Not traditional at all but very cool!
  10. milkbaby

    Avocado Uses Required

    Avocado margarita in the blended/crushed ice style like a piña colada.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Congrats! A Shigefusa yo kitaeji gyuto is probably the only Japanese knife that I would consider breaking my knife buying hiatus over nowadays since I'm not into collecting anymore. Beautiful knife and nice job putting an edge back on that. :goodjob:
  12. milkbaby

    Show your newest knife buy

    Flad somebody picked up that Catcheside! It's super bad!!!
  13. milkbaby

    Forged suji

    Thanks. I usually stick to the classic "coke bottle" handle shape with palm swell. There's that "kickback" or swell at the butt end too which in theory helps the hand from slipping back too far off the back end of the handle. Probably not as important in a slicer or even a kitchen knife, but...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    KKF is very Japanese knife-centric. The vast majority of knives spoken about here are J-knives. When it comes to western makers there are a relatively small subset of makers that forum members are interested in. It's a bit clique-ish IMHO.
  15. milkbaby

    Show your newest knife buy

    It's not the usual fare here but it's definitely a nice example of his style. It came with that streaky looking patina? Looks deliberate.