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    Looking for a boring knife

    Mostly work with chicken but occasionally ribs and T bones. Thinking of a Honesuki from JCK although I used to use a knife that looks like the Misono UX 10 American. Considering the Fur Rin Ka Zan, Hattori, JCK VG 10, Masamoto ST, Misono UX 10 and Mr Itou. Right handed and prefer Stainless...
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    Knife for daughter

    Thanks for the thoughts! Called John at JKI. I do not have any of his knives but use several of his stones. He recommended the 210 Uraku Stainless. I think it is a reasonable choice for a law student who has room mates. Also bought her a King Combo stone. Hopefully this will keep her away from...
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    Knife for daughter

    looking for a first decent knife for my 26 yo daughter. Excellent cook. Looking for a stainless 210. Seems to be a good sale on at Sur la Table. Any comments on the Miyabi Koh or Kaizen 11? Better offering for price at JKI etc?
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    210 and 225 ITK Limited sign up

    I lose Internet for 2 weeks due to ATT Uverse and 12 service calls and miss this? Would love a 210 Cocobolo if one is left.
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    Limited run of ITK's, sign up

    Would be interested in a 210 ITK if you do one in the future
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    Which Sujihiki?

    Thanks guys. Kono the least expensive so this leaves cash for stones.
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    Which Sujihiki?

    Was going to buy a D Thomas 270 sujihiki to go with my 240 ITK but the price increase has me looking elsewhere. Interested in a 270 stainless with a Wa handle. Prefer an even bevel as my wife is left handed. Considering Konosuke, Suisin Inox and Gesshin Ginga. Any thoughts?