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    WTS Manaka western gyuto price drop

    I know what you actually meant, but this made me laugh too much. #AcidFlashbacks
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    Sharpening..and knife lifetime.

    Personally I never got along with my Green Brick. Hate the feel, and loads up easily. If you’re looking for a 2000 grit soaker, then look no further than the Gesshin 2K. It has replaced my 1000 grit stone at home completely.
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    Heiji direct

    How is the geometry with this? LOOOOVE his Enju Handles.
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    WTB Enju or Burnt Chestnut/Buffalo Horn Handles

    Hello all- Looking for a handful of Enju or Burnt Chestnut/Buffalo Horn handles, in either D or Octagonal for the following knives: 210 Yanagiba 240 Yanagiba 2 x 210 Gyuto 240 Gyuyo Lemme know what you've got laying around! Thanks in advance! Mowgs
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    Greetings from northern California!

    East Bay over here! Welcome
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    Takamura Super GZ?

    Gotta start with a 240. Then a serious nose job.
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    Jerks... :)

    Great set of knives! All great pieces
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    Knife findings

    The Gesshin Ginga cleavers have a much more cleaver appropriate wa handle, but I’ve always wondered the same. Not a cleaver user much myself though.
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    Home Use Suji - Preferred Length?

    I only have 240s, and very seldom feel the need for something larger. But the feeling does arise entertaining, when a big roast comes along. Only then does a 270-300 start to sound very appealing to me.
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    The collection

    Great reading about your journey! Anything new on the horizon? Or at least any thing that caught your eye next?
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    The collection

    Is it just the picture, or are the Konosuke handle installs crooked?
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    Kurouchi or not.. what do people prefer?

    I agree, the river jump is a far superior knife. You don’t have to enjoy the aesthetics of the Yoshikane, but it’s been a highly regarded knife for years. You aren’t missing anything. Just a piece of hot garbage that cuts like a dream.
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    Epicurean Edge Sale - Now thru Sat then big Sun/Mon

    I completely agree. While i do not prefer as tall as many here do, where 49-52mm is my preference, these are pretty short. Definitely usable, but usually get more action as a suji at my house.
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    Kurouchi or not.. what do people prefer?

    My guess would be the Yoshikane Black dammy is an etchant, or something. I am no expert for sure, but from the Riverjumps/Unryus i have seen/held they look about as true Ku as you can get (Most definitely could be crazy wrong here, though. I know there have been conversations with makers on...