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    Handle ergonomics question

    I highly recommend reading through @Kippington's thread about gyuto profiles - amongst other things he addresses spine and handle angles:
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    Hello From Switzerland! Need Suggestion For a New Knife

    Marco Guldiman, Luis Emert, and Roman Kase are all in Switzerland. I haven't used any of their knives, sadly. I think they all tend toward higher hardness, perhaps too much so for @murtazadalgic.
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    screw sizes driving me crazy?

    #8 is close in size to M4 - M4 and M5 are both possibilities that are smaller than M6.
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    Help! Need hot sauce recipe!

    Another option - Row7 Seeds has a "habanada" which is supposed to be a not-spicy habanero. We've got a packet that we're planning to grow this year.
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    did the functions 4 bold/cursive/everything go away??

    They're still here for me.
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    Favorite Microwave Popcorn?

    Did you take it out of the package?
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    Hall of Fame threads

    "Rambling thoughts on gyuto profiles"
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    sausage making

    Scott Rea has several videos on sausage-making - I'd start with this one:
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    Why are Jnats all from Japan?

    Of course, one big draw of jnats is the particular finish they produce. Some types of stone will never produce a kasumi finish due to their composition (eg, Arkansas) However, I've been following Cape Natural Stones on IG for a while - they're collecting natural stones in South Africa...
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    Carrot wedge test

    Assuming a 240mm length and 40mm average height, that would require removing about 0.5mm from each side at the edge, if it's decreasing to 0 removal at the spine. Possible, but... Yikes. That'd be a chunky knife to start!
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    Hand forged steak knives

    Will Griffin makes these: But he also makes these, which w would be fun as steak knives if they had a bit more curve:
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    about edge retetion testing

    Well, I'm very curious what Larrin & Shawn's "Super Secret Project" turns out to be, because it involves some form of sharpened test blades. I'd be very pleased if they introduce or validate a test. I believe for his own development, Shawn has been doing a rope test cut where he measures loss...
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    Why 1095?

    There are a variety of performance and quality standards available, generally under the ASTM A prefix. It's not necessary to certify under them in order to use the alloy numbers, however. For instance, it's usual for commercial bearings to be made from grade A295 52100 steel. As a result, it's...
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    Japanese natural knife

    What about mollusk shells? They're tough, and you'd certainly get natural hamaguri geometry!
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    Japanese natural knife

    It's not Japanese, but...