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    Harner Kiritsuke-Gyuto Passaround

    Hi, I've had the knife for about a week now and I'm ready to send it off tomorrow. I found the knife to be very comfortable to use. The blade forward balance coupled with the large blade height made it feel substantial but not clunky. I used it for some limited prep during the week, mincing...
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    Japan Trip 2012

    welcome back!
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    Next Up: Kochi Kiritsuke-tip Guyto Blue #2 240mm

    Here are my thoughts of the Kochi. Here's the quick summery, I think I'm going to buy one in the traditional gyuto shape. Out of the box I was immediately impressed by the feel of the knife and the fit and finish. The knife feels very solid, yet not clunky. The kurouchi finish is very well...
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    Sous Vide Montreal Smoked meat... OH NO

    Looks amazing! I need to try that out.
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    knob creek 9yr single barrel
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    Next Up: Kochi Kiritsuke-tip Guyto Blue #2 240mm

    The knife will be on its way today. Sorry for the delay, I had a very busy week. I will post my experience as soon as I can. add, I will send you the tracking number when it's available.
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    New Cast Iron... I may get shot tonight :p

    cool! I try to keep my cast iron addiction a secret. I have them delivered to work :)
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    Next Up: Kochi Kiritsuke-tip Guyto Blue #2 240mm

    I received the knife yesterday. It feels very solid (rigid), hefty, yet nimble. The feel of the knife is amazing and the finish is pretty cool too. I will cut a bunch of stuff today to give it a good workout.
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    Ghessin Heiji 240 Guyto Semi-Stainless Passaround

    I should have signed up for this one :(
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    Which rice to buy?

    be prepared to spend a small fortune on the imported Japanese rice. I was tempted to get a bag last time I was at Marukai, but I'd rather spend it on sake.
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    Gengetsu interest?

    I would love to try one out
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    F/S Devin Thomas 24 cm 52100 Wa-gyuto

    damn, if only I didn't have to pay rent :(
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    old potrero 18th century style American rye whiskey