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  1. Olsen

    Hi! Need help with some whetstones

    Welcome to the forum (and the rabbithole :D:p). Watch videos and ask around. Also good to meet up with somebody who knows and they can teach you some basic moves. I had a whetstone (King 1000/6000) for four years before I dared using it because I was afraid of me doing damage to the knife...
  2. Olsen

    Looking for a recommendation for first gyuto - Yoshikane, Kunosuke, Tanaka...

    I have the standard 21 and 24 cm kurouchi gyutos which are not super duper heavy but no lasers either. They sharpen up very easily and get very sharp too. I do not find the steel too reactive either. Most importantly they are super cutters. I do not say that they are better than anything else...
  3. Olsen

    Looking for a recommendation for first gyuto - Yoshikane, Kunosuke, Tanaka...

    I can warmly recommend Munetoshi 21 and 24 cm gyutos from JNS. Robust and fantastic cutters. Do not let the modest price tag fool you (see also reviews :)) https://www.japanesenaturalstones.com/munetoshi-kurouchi-gyuto-240mm/
  4. Olsen

    SOLD Catcheside 260*60

    I have several of Will´s knifes and I can warmly recommend them. The craftmanship is superb and they cut fantastically.
  5. Olsen

    WTB Mukoita I - Fish

    I have no. II as well and I totally agree.
  6. Olsen

    WTB Mukoita I - Fish

    I have it too. It is very thorough in describing and showing how to cut different fish (and the turtle🐢🙃) but if you are not preparing fish that much and do not care if you have the whole collection then the three other books (with more to come) are more relevant and you could skip this one 😁
  7. Olsen

    WTB Mukoita I - Fish

    Japanese Knife Company Stockholm store has the book. It's not exactly cheap but I had to buy this book there as well as I also found out that the English version was sold out everywhere else. The three other books are much cheaper to come by other places. I wrote to the European distributor and...
  8. Olsen

    Do any Japanese makers produce coreless damascus blades?

    Maksim had a one piece damascus Kato bowie for sale for around 4000$ 4-5 years ago :)
  9. Olsen

    Want to get into Natural stones

    My Atoma 140 is 5-6 years old and still functions well. I do not flatten that often though.
  10. Olsen

    Want to get into Natural stones

    I would choose an Atoma 140 every day for flattening purposes. The tsushima nagura works fine as a slurry stone (if you mean the small size and the full size stone🙂)
  11. Olsen

    Want to get into Natural stones

    Hej Mads. Welcome to the fascinating world of Jnats. As others have pointed out it is dangerous to start with Jnats. Soon you will have a cupboard only for stones :) It would, in theory, be possible only to settle with one or two Jnats and be satisfied and it does not have to cost you (much)...
  12. Olsen

    WTB Coticule and Belgian Blue Stones

    Hi. Have you considered buying from official websites? BBW/coticules are not hard to come by :)
  13. Olsen

    American Made Copper Cookware

    I only copper cookware (SS lined). I love it. It has fantastic heat conduction. I never polish mine. I have it because I'm using it. Not because I look at it [emoji4] The only bad thing is that I will never have induction! [emoji6]
  14. Olsen

    'Tall' Bunka (50mm+)

    Mazaki santoku is kind of bunka it is form so you might want to look that way :) https://www.japanesenaturalstones.com/mazaki-kurouchi-santoku-180mm/ /Peter
  15. Olsen

    WTB First jnats beginner stone 5k

    For a 5000'ish jnat I can warmly recommend an aizu. I have tried two and they are it bit lower than my JNS 6000.