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  1. Orange Yolks

    WTS Cris Anderson 150mm gyuto, Nitro-V

    Dayum crew, it seems like every week you throw up knives that are absolute stunners, which begs the question, what are you keeping??? Out of my budget, but love that handle. glws.
  2. Orange Yolks

    WTB Kochi with machi 240mm

    For the love of god somebody get this man a Kochi with a machi. If for no other reason than persistence.
  3. Orange Yolks

    WTB Tsuchime santoku/bunka

    If you’re not averse to buying new, I somewhat recently picked up the Nihei Bunka from carbon. I really like it. Not hammered, but has a cool finish, I guess it’s a polished forge finish? I think he may have worked at Yoshikane, and he’s doing some stuff with Konosuke. Semi stainless resists...
  4. Orange Yolks

    Knife findings

    I'm curious to do some prep with it. If for nothing else than to know first hand what it is about these dimensions, grind etc... that make it so highly regarded. Having said that, I'll never pay a grand for it. And thank god there are other bladesmiths that have "workhorse" grinds that can...
  5. Orange Yolks

    Knife findings

    Wat re-upped the Nakiri.... ? Can't imagine many people here haven't tried one yet. Personally, I'm waiting for JKI to get some things in... been doing that for a while now 😔
  6. Orange Yolks

    Show your newest knife buy

    This. Never heard of Milan, but I think I’m about to, b/c that knife looks quality. Great shape, classy finish. Me likey.
  7. Orange Yolks

    FS narrow funayuki 8"

    My goodness that’s perdy... Give us the choil!
  8. Orange Yolks

    SOLD Dalman Warikomi Silversteel 210mm Gyuto

    I step out for an hour and this... smh
  9. Orange Yolks

    Kid-safe Knife Storage Setup

    Big up to this thread and whoever resurrected it. I take care of my little brother who's on the spectrum and this **** is always on my mind. I'd love to have a mag bar at home, but that'd be a disaster in waiting. I keep (most) my knives in sayas either in a drawer at home or a roll, which I was...
  10. Orange Yolks

    KKF Stickers

    Oh boy, special edition with 3D glasses!
  11. Orange Yolks

    KKF Stickers

    I like what @Luftmensch has done above here the most so far. Why don't we take it a step further and make the gyuto a Watanoma... I mean, if it's going to represent and all. Or it could be a Denka and you could make a ring around the globe out of the letters TF repeating. I'm joking of course...
  12. Orange Yolks

    KKF Stickers

    Dope. #2 > #1 is my vote, fwiw. And I also agree with the wa and yo handle rep above.
  13. Orange Yolks

    You know you have a problem...

    Thanks for that one, gave me a genuine smile.
  14. Orange Yolks

    WTS Yanagiba 270

    Any chance you have a saya for it?