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    Natural Stones: how to use

    Just find this topic. At this moment i have only three synthetics. All of them are shapton glass 220,500and1000. Rest of my stones are Jnats. I Can tell one for sure, the perfect for brvels polishing, bit also great for sharpening. To answer for Youre question First what we have to say is...
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    What is Youre favorite work set???
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    Nice team#doing well
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    Hei hei, im a Chef ( modern French cousine ). My current knife inventory R : Masamoto KS 270 Yanagi, Tosa 210 Gyuto, Kato WH 240 Gyuto, Munetoshi 180 Kuro Nakiri, Mazaki 180 Petty, TF 150 Petty. My sharpening kit: -Synthetics Shapton glass 220 Shapton glass 500 Naniwa pro 1000 King 6000...