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    Shig. Kasumi DIY

    I just bought 100 liters of eye bleach, if anyone needs some hit me up
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    An available desirable knife to review

    You sound like someone that would be good at marketing Dalstrong...
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    WTS Genkai Masakuni gyuto

    I’ll give him 13k if he only shows a barely acceptable picture of one
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    Aging / curing fish

    Very interesting! Please let me know if you develop any further thoughts! I’m going to try to age some eels next week (if I can get any live ones). Plan is to run a wire through their spine and bleed them out, then hang them for a week I think!
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    I Tested the Edge Retention of 48 Steels

    That’s all very impressive! However, how do we know that you have practiced what you know? I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but all this study confirms is that the specific pieces of steel you have tested give these results...
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    I Tested the Edge Retention of 48 Steels

    Could you maybe elaborate on your ability to heat treat each steel to bring out its maximum potential, and the relevance of this study considering those abilities?
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    Aging / curing fish

    Very cool, and thanks so much for sharing! Are there any particular things you noticed in the taste and texture of the fish? And how long have you been hanging them?
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    WTS 240 blue 2 konosuke honyaki

    BST rules eh, every knife looks amazing (e.g. post #5) and if everyone hadn’t just bought somethings else they would have totally bought this ;)
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    Raquin knives

    I will DM you why you are wrong :)
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    Raquin knives

    As I’m not a French lawyer I will not (and neither should you, hahah)
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    Raquin knives

    Both of you guys should stop talking about VAT because clearly both of you have no idea what you’re talking about and its starting to look uglier by the second. First of all, lets not imply someone is not complying with his tax obligations if there is no hard proof that its true. Secondly, VAT...
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    Raquin knives

    But Zwilling isn’t even a legendary swordsmith
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    Raquin knives

    Legendary ancient swordsmith :LOL: thanks for making my day!
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    WTB Katos

    Updated the list due to some recent purchases, now looking for: any parer/petty or small gyuto (being under 210mm) 210 KU STD gyuto Any sujihiki other than a 240mm kasumi sujihiki Any 270 gyuto 240 STD gyuto Sakimaru takohiki or honesuki Any 240 ku wh gyuto And to round it off with something...
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    "Really gotta raise some cash"

    Hear hear! 'Somebody needs to buy this soon, or I will'