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  1. peterm

    Request for contact/resolution

    Pierre, I just sent you an email about my cleaver order from September 2012. Peter
  2. peterm

    Unfilled orders- Affected Members Post Here-

    Pierre, thanks for responding. I think what would go a long way for most of us is a little more proactive outreach on your part with what's going on and what realistic timelines we might expect. We're a friendly and overly-understanding group here. At the same time, we are customers who have...
  3. peterm

    Makers - Offer to help.

    It's really quite amazing to see you folks stepping up out of the goodness of your hearts. What an impressively strong community!
  4. peterm

    damascus spoon!

    Maybe I should have titled it WTC (want to commission!) I love my Del Ealy stainless damascus tasting spoon. I'm wondering if anyone else is up to the challenge of making one? Whenever family comes to visit I'm always afraid they'll walk off with mine, so I figured why not get them their own...
  5. peterm

    Cleaver order

    Hi Pierre, I placed a cleaver order with you back in September 2012, with a deposit paid for half the final amount. Since then I've seen no evidence of progress. It's disturbed me that you have refused to provide a specific date by which you expect to complete it. The generalities of...
  6. peterm

    Need Advice For Order that was never filled.

    Hi Pierre, Any updates from 2 months ago? Hopefully things are improving.
  7. peterm

    Need Advice For Order that was never filled.

    I had a dream a few weeks ago that my knife was ready. Then I woke up and was sad.
  8. peterm

    Need Advice For Order that was never filled.

    Glad to hear you're still around Pierre.
  9. peterm

    O1 Gyuto with copper and sycamore

    That looks really nice. Especially the sycamore - that's not one I see often. Hope you're well Pierre!
  10. peterm

    FS: Nenox Corian 240mm Gyuto

    Looks like a solid price on that knife. If it only were the quince wood handle!
  11. peterm

    Scale shrinkage on ZKramer

    In the past, I have found their customer service to be outstanding. Hope it all works out.
  12. peterm

    Free International Shipping @ Rakuten.jp

    That does look good - thanks for pointing it out! I haven't ordered one, but I'm very tempted to.
  13. peterm

    FS: Yoshikane SKD 240 gyuto, Richmond Artifex 240 Gyuto and Paring

    Aw drat, just a couple days after I posted a Yoshikane wanted thread! Please let me know if it becomes available again.
  14. peterm

    WTB Yoshikane SKD gyuto

    Thanks to those have replied so far. I should have specified in the original post - I'm looking for one of the hammered finish blades. Thanks!