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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    On its way to @KCMande... I received the knife at the worst possible time while I was moving, so I barely used it. I had ambitions of comparing it to my Toyama and Jiro and writing up my experience, but that didn't happen. From my brief time with it, I can understand why it is highly regarded...
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    Knife findings

    They are certainly pricey, but I love mine, and they are a work of art too. I have a 240 mm wa that is 260 g, nicely balanced and performs well. I agree that the price could be lower for the performance alone (e.g., not better than my Toyama, just different), but I believe the price premium is...
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    Looking for Recommendations!

    I haven't used Kaeru, but I have seen it commonly recommended on this forum as a good value entry level Japanese knife: The 240 mm is on sale now (not sure how long, maybe just today), so it is actually cheaper than the 210 mm... hard to beat...
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    Looking for Recommendations!

    Welcome! It would help if you could answer the questionnaire for soliciting advice on knife recommendations:
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    Looking For An Upgrade to my Knives

    For chef knives, I have a Kurosaki AS from CKTG and a Munetoshi from JNS, both of which I like in that price range. Tanaka blue #2 damascus (and other Tanakas) from KnS is commonly recommended but I have never used one.
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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    I'd love to participate. I have never owned or used a Kato and am in the NY metro area (CT). Like so many others, I am curious what all the fuss is about, but haven't been willing to pay >$1000 to find out. Thanks for offering this opportunity!
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    Buying my first carbon steel knife – recommendation please

    I don’t have a suggestion on specific knives that meet your criteria but I suspect you haven’t gotten responses because this sub forum doesn’t get as much traffic as the main one. Is there a way for you to move your question to the main one? In general, I wouldn’t worry too much about the core...
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Tengumai Yamahai Junmai sake while I make some sushi. Also, it is always important to have more knives ready than ingredients.
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    Been using (very) cheap knives for years, looking for a major Japanese upgrade - advice please!

    My first good knife was a 210 mm Masamoto VG and if you have never owned another Japanese knife you will be impressed. I actually still have mine but mostly because my wife has gotten used to it and is afraid of my “fancy” knives, haha. I haven’t used any of the others on your list so can’t say...
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    My collection

    A few additions over the last month :) Okeya W#2 24 mm wide kogatana Okamitsu B#1 55 mm ginger knife Teruyasu Fujiwara Maboroshi no Meito W#1 180 mm gyuto Shigemitsu Ito Tamahagane 180 mm santoku Yoshimitsu Tamahagane 165 mm nakiri Yoshimitsu Tamahagane 210 mm gyuto Jiro Tsuchime W#1 240 mm...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Pair of Yoshimitsu Tamahagane knives with nashiji finish and semi-custom bog oak handles. 165 mm nakiri and 210 gyuto.
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    Show off that colored handle

    True! Looking up at all my knives now, the handles do look pretty repetitive and boring, haha. And gotta say I do kinda like that one Migraine posted above. Good luck with your handle project.
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    Show off that colored handle

    Yeah sorry. I kind of regretted my post. It’s just a matter of personal preference, of course, and I didn’t mean any offense. Mostly, I’m annoyed by a recent purchase there, so I was venting a little too, I suppose. Specifically, I was annoyed about the installation and flaws in the handle I...