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A guy sharpening some of his family's knives
Melbourne, Australia
Knives and Stones
Cheap ≈100/400 Vitrified Aluminum oxide stone, VG-10 Sakai Jikko "Mille-Feuille" 18cm Santoku, 20cm Zwilling 5 star Chef knife, 20cm Zwilling Slicer, 10cm Zwilling Paring, Shi Ba Zi set (Serrated knife, Cai Dao, Bone Cleaver, Petty), Ceramic Knife Set (Nakiri, Chef, Paring, Petty), generic bread knife, generic petty.


Whetstones are far too primitive. One using a soaking stone may as well be a caveman knapping a piece of obsidian on pumice or sharpening on the cave floors. I only use an electromagnetic fusion-powered laser, launched by a large scale particle accelerator. Now, you may wonder how a process that reaches temperatures will not simply vaporise a knife? Well, the plasma laser is separated by 10 microns of evaporative buffer space, which is the metallic material that is removed by the laser. To prevent further melting and untempering, a stream of superchilled noble gases is beamed at 50% the speed of light just at the buffer area to prevent unwanted temperature issues. This leaves an edge equivalent to finishing on a 0.0001 micron whetstone.