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    First proper knife advice please

    Both lines of knives are made by Tadafusa. Probably members here will try to talk you into getting a more expensive artisan knife, but in my opinion these Tadafusas are often overlooked and perfect initiations to J-knives, thin and light. These are considered semi-factory made, reflected in the...
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    Show your newest knife buy

    It's almost embarrassing to post anything less-than-collector-grade is this thread, but hell I'm still doing it. This thread belongs to everyone! Double-sided deba from Kuwahara san in Nagasaki. 138x44, weight 132 g, Shirogami #1 (the garlic is just for scale) Very rustic finish, not to say...
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    J-Nat Club

    Two stones I picked up recently The top one is a full-size Takashima stone. It is soft, but not too muddy, relatively fast en still fine enough to finish. It is a useful stone and very, very enjoyable to sharpen on. The kind of stone I was hoping to find. The bottom one is obviously a shiro...
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    SOLD Takeda AS Classic 240mm Medium Gyuto

    Great looking Takeda, I have this in NAS version and I love it. Many people still prefer AS, should go fast! GLWS
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    Show your newest knife buy

    I'm not a collector really and I'm usually not into fancy knives but I couldn't resist this one: Hitohira Tanaka/Yohei kiritsuke gyuto 240 blue #1 damascus clad. With my limited needs as a home cook I couldn't justify the purchase of a sujihiki but this is somewhat in between a sujihiki and a...
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    Goeidag / Bonjour Maxime, Welcome!
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    4k-ish stone

    I also have SP2000 and Kitayama 8000 and I totally feel your need to have something in between. I had the Rika 5000 and it's very good. Probably not the fastest, but if you like good feedback, a softer and easy stone, you will like it. But... I sold mine because I didn't want soaking stones...
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    The 'Best' Gyuto Edge Length—225mm of course!

    Unfortunately Soshui stopped taking direct orders since august… you have to go through dealers now, and they are out of stock most of the time.
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    TF Wa Handle with Finger Notch

    This is how it looks on a maboroshi 180. It doesn’t hurt and I have big hands. It moves your grip forward a little.
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    SOLD [EU] Big Natsuya

    Sold. Thank you buyer and KKF!
  11. PineWood

    SOLD [EU] Big Natsuya

    OK, I've got other stones coming in, so let's find a new home for this one! Price drop to €220 shipment included in EU or $270 shipment included for CONUS. For other destinations please contact me. Mind you, Hitohira is selling natsuya at over € 400 in EU see here. JNS is selling a smaller one...
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    SOLD [EU] Ikarashi

    Sold. Thanks to buyer and KKF.
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    SOLD [EU] Ikarashi

    I happen to have an aizu as well, and mine is harder, finer and whiter than this stone. The aizu is more a finisher, around 4000 grit, an this ikarashi is more a medium grit, 1000-2000, softer and indeed releasing more slurry. But every stone is different, I imagine in some cases there may be an...
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    The Turkish Oilstone Matter

    Very interesting! May I add some experience on an older web page, by Bart Torfs, he used to be the master sharpener of Ardennes Coticule: