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    Inflation,,,, affecting your plans/purchases?

    funny story but true, there are quite a few times that I quoted prices for visiting customers on top of my head, like "this knife is really good ,and very good price, a couple hundred dollars, blah blah blah", and only realising the current price is like 1.5x to 2x the price I quoted. Some...
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    mazaki knives

    Sukenari use to have a water quenched AS damascus line. At their factory Hanaki san showed me the HRC test result for their AS line and the HRC was even higher. The argument from Hanaki-san is that, as a blacksmith it is always his job to HT the steel to its maximum potential. However, by doing...
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    c. 3k stone recommendations

    FWIW, Cerax 5050 and the Rika are the same thing as well
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    Nakagawa has left Shiraki Hamono?

    Yes, he is just taking over and basically rebranding
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    it was up from day one along with the shiraki gyutos, then they were offline for a few hours, could be the "Active Time" was wrongly set. It was sold for about 1500US.
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    Added "CYBER10" coupon for Australian site, enables 10% discount for most items excluding BFCM specials tab and a few other bulky items.
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    will end on tuesday morning, should be good.
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    The hinoura 10% seems to have issue stacking with BFCM2020 coupon, I have just made all hinouras 20% off.
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    thanks guys, if you run into issues like coupon code does not work, can always just purchase as is, we will go through the orders and refund the excessive charge. You can also drop us an email just on the safe side.
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    Sorry for the rather late notice. Knives and Stones is having a BFCM2020 SALE on both the US and AU sites. For the US site, we have a storewide 10% sale, which is the only sale a year and it is a non-selective, no gimmick SALE. The coupon code is: BFCM2020 On top of that, we have the Masamoto...
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    Burl Question

    the effort to get this small burl into a workable state is probably too much and the figure is less than ideal. Maybe consider just buying a stabilized one? ;)
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    A video playlist of handle removal and installation

    as billy said, it really depends on the actual species of rosewood (thousands of them) that you are dealing with. If we are just talking about generic rosewood that we see in say Echizen handles (which ironically is not true rosewood, otherwise it will be banned from intl. trade) then they are...
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    A video playlist of handle removal and installation

    Simple answer: just go for the cheap one. There is difference between the melting temperature, setting time, however I found the ones designed for household glue gun just work fine.
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    A video playlist of handle removal and installation

    the very first samples could be epoxy, and we do occasionally use epoxy in some extreme cases. For example when a knife is extremely thin overall (some lasers), using epoxy just feels better with little wobble. J.
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    A video playlist of handle removal and installation

    Just to let you guys know that I have composed a playlist on the topic of rehandling on my youtube channel which I recently started to put more effort into. There is a ton of misinformation out there about how to install handles, particularly using the burn-in method on hardwood handles. I also...