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    Cutting Knife Skills and Technique Videos

    so much for cutting thru bones
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    Cutting Knife Skills and Technique Videos

    like the godfather used to do it
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    BLADE SHOW 2020

    date change to August 7-9
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    An update for our store during the Covid-19 craziness

    better do business thru UPS or USPS
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    WTS David Lisch W2 Honyaki Gyuto 225mm

    price including shipping, type of steel
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    Android app

    yep yesterday???
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    BLADE SHOW 2020

    anyone going to Blade Show 2020 in June??
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    American Knives

    you can send your trusty knife for a rehandle and work over it will be better than new.
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    SOLD Colt 1911 .45 many Wilson combat extras

    Can I ask how much the P7M8 went for?
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    Show off that colored handle

    Please keep them coming. Beautiful knives
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    slicing bread

    I always use a sharp knife to cut bread. Never fails
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Great steak and silver oak wine.
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    Preparing for COVID-19

    Just be aware that some countries or places do not keep the statistics up to date. Good or bad if you tabulate the numbers it will show. There are worse virus around but they are controled like influenza which sometimes is similar to this. Keep the good hygiene and keep vitamins and good defense...