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    Unpopular opinions

    Crap. I'm eating robots? Pretty tasty robots, though.
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    It would be fun to write to him and say that the Kardashians are so impressed with his Photoshop skills that they want to interview him for a job.
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    VG10 discrimination

    VG-10 is so common that it can seem pedestrian, but it's a darned good knife steel. I don't really have anything against it that I don't have against most stainless steels: that sharpening properly involves a lot more time chasing the burr than it does for carbon steels. However, this is not...
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    Why do you hate santokus?

    No. Never tried it with a Gyuto, either.
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    Why do you hate santokus?

    Now you've done it. You've made me want a 270mm santoku.
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    I am begging you. Please do not do that.
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    Kidneys, sure, I understand that. But you must have been desperate to sell your bitcoins in this market.
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    Cutco honyaki petty in 440A
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    Patience?! Did no one ever tell you about the "know your audience" rule?
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Finland, eh? Did one of their frozen soldiers drop it when you all were chasing them all over the snow in your white camo and skis?
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    Oh. I wasted all that typing, then. Eh, I'll get over it.
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    KKF Massdrop IV - 日本 🇯🇵

    OK, I'm in for my first massdrop ever. Thanks for doing this!
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    SOLD Takamura 210mm Uchigumo Gyuto

    Well this ought to go fast. If it does not, PM me in three days and I'll grab it.
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    Show Your Newest Sharpening Gear

    The Kasfly sink bridge is well worth pursuing to the ends of the earth. Mine has become indispensable.
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    What are the virtues of an Usuba?

    Rarely have I given mindspace to the Usuba. A one-side-flat Nakiri? Who would want that? But I had an epiphany when I bought a sort of gyuto on the BST, a JKI knife with extremely wide bevels. I was not yet sure what I wanted it for, but I sure wanted it. It's become a go-to knife, when I want...