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    WTS Masakage Koishi AS 240

    Indeed. Many B/S/T forums have exactly such a rule.
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    WTS Western shigefusa gyuto 210 ok

    PM sent yesterday. No response. Is this sold?
  3. rick_english

    WTB Stefan Keller (Der Handle Meister) Handle

    Looking for a Keller handle. Might be okay if it's attached to a knife, depending on the knife. :)
  4. rick_english

    Withdrawn Kato 240 Workhorse

    I bought the knife 6-7 years ago and have no record or recollection of who the seller was. I do recall that the knife was said to be untouched, as mentioned above. Here's of one of the guidelines for B/S/T: "Negative comments in sales threads are forbidden and will result in revocation of...
  5. rick_english

    Withdrawn Kato 240 Workhorse

    Based on comments here, I'm concerned that the knife may have been refinished before it was sold to me. I'm withdrawing it from sale.
  6. rick_english

    Withdrawn Kato 240 Workhorse

    I am the second owner. Knife was from original batch of workhorses from 5-6 years ago, and was sold to me as untouched. I have not done anything to it.
  7. rick_english

    Withdrawn Kato 240 Workhorse

    Knife is SPF, thanks.
  8. rick_english

    Withdrawn Kato 240 Workhorse

    For sale is a Kato 240 workhorse. Blade is 235mm long, 47mm high at heel, and weight is 217g. Knife is unused, unsharpened, flawless. Price is $1,150 shipped CONUS, PayPal G&S. Thanks-------
  9. rick_english

    SOLD Shigefusa KU petty 150

    B/S/T rules also say that price must include PayPal fees.
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    Done, thanks!
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    When Dave sold this forum to new owners a while back, I and others predicted that ads would soon appear. The new owners said "no ads." A month or two later, ads started appearing. The new owners said "ads will only be shown to unregistered users." Now I notice there's an Amazon ad on the front...
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    SOLD Konosuke Fujiyama FT White 2 240 (BNIB)

    Could you post a photo or two of the other side of the blade? Thanks---
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    WTT 210 Western Shig

    OP did respond to a PM from me.
  14. rick_english

    WTT 210 Western Shig

    About what?
  15. rick_english

    WTB WTB Shig kitaeji gyuto 210 or 240

    Which retailer is that?