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  1. Seb

    What kind of knife is this?

    Can't you post a picture?
  2. Seb

    So whats this Nakiri?

    It says '$20 knife' right there on the ferrule...
  3. Seb

    Inexpensive ~210 wa gyuto

    Could just be a quality control issue with an isolated batch. I have the 120mm and I think it's a fantastic product.
  4. Seb

    Inexpensive ~210 wa gyuto

    What do you dislike about the handle on the FKM?
  5. Seb

    Edge Grain Boards

    Go plastic?
  6. Seb

    Knives for tiny kitchens?

    What do you find is the best way to sharpen your Kiwis?
  7. Seb

    3k between 1k and 5k??

    Just do it!
  8. Seb

    Storage of sharpening stones?

    Why do they have to be stored in the garage? Can't they simply double as door stops and paperweights when not in use?
  9. Seb

    Need help to choose my next knife

    Btw, Özgün, is there some kind of import restriction that prevent you from ordering knives directly from overseas? It occurred to me yesterday that you might be more suited to Chinese slicers and cleavers?
  10. Seb

    Need help to choose my next knife

    Since I just used mine, I thought I would mention that the Hiromoto Gingami series is a nice balance between hardness, toughness, stain-resistance and sharpness potential. Not too heavy, not too light.
  11. Seb


    First, get a padlock on the dishwasher and you hold the only key...
  12. Seb

    Which knife x 2

    MCUSTA Zanmai look nice and have a VG-10 core. You can order through Koki/JCK since he does business with them already (he stocks their non-kitchen lines on his other site).
  13. Seb

    SYDNEY: knives+stones FOR SALE

    Naniwa aoto and Hiromoto AS petty SPF.
  14. Seb

    SYDNEY: knives+stones FOR SALE

    The abrasive side is purple/grey in colour, IIRC, this is the series sold in Japan. AFAIK, some of the ones sold in the past in the US market were all white.
  15. Seb

    Which knife x 2

    Hey, why spend bucks on KFOP (Knives For Other People), ie non-knerds? Look: http://www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au/Knives/Cooks-Chef-Knife