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    WTS Kurosaki Fujin 240 and Kramer Damascus 6"

    is it hammered or laser engraved?
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    Lamb shoulder ideas

    Bake it Tim Ferris style half submerged in canned fire roasted tomatoes. Shanks take ~4hrs at 350, big shoulder should be done in that time as well... Closed cast iron pot. I like black magic spice mix on lamb...
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    Ergonomics: what parameters makes a western handle 'good'?

    does anyone else feel that the western handle on Zwilling Kramer chefs is way too thick? I am a big guy (6' 1") and it just felt huge. really wanted to like it but just couldn't...
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    hi from seattle

    I have been lurking around for some time now and finally decided to join the forum. I've always been interested in various knives and recently decided to learn more about the kitchen variety... Sergey