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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    im just chillin, patiently waiting for my turn
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    The old Dick appreciation thread

    You'd be surprised. I have a set of incremental Dicks that help me work up my ability to handle larger Dicks. Let me know if you want me to clean them up and send some over
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    The old Dick appreciation thread

    my favorite Dick is my stiff boner. I used to have a flexible one, but I prefer a stiffy.
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    Making my presence known

    hej, welcome!
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    SOLD Wat Pro 180 nakiri

    😂 let me know when you want someone else to foster it for a while :)
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    SOLD Wat Pro 180 nakiri

    Damn, congrats on sale and purchase!
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    mazaki knives

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    WTS Konosuke Sanjo SLD 240 $375

    pics of the saya?
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    Are Long J Knives hard to use?

    If you consider yourself dexterous it should be fine. Do you use a pinch grip?
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    SOLD Miyabi Birchwood SG2 Gyuto

    GLWS. I would recommend never going back to Ike's, or at least with knives you care about
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    Takamura or Makoto Kurosaki

    takamura all the way. Depends on the makoto line, but not a fan of hollow ground stuff overall
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    Kiyoshi Kato 240 Standard Gyuto Passaround

    Just wipe down fully reactive knives with mineral oil, camellia oil, etc before shipping out. I've received plenty of rusted knives over the years cause people think its dry when they send it out
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    Seattle Area Knife/Kitchen Thread!

    In my experience its always really humid in SEA during the summer. Hot, sticky, rainy. South East Asia gets hit by monsoon season too so it can be hard on carbon steels. :laughingchef:
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    Missing knives alert