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    Buying first Gyuto today. Tanaka Ginsan/blue2, Waiku, or something more laserish?

    Both are very good, just choose the one you like the look of the most.
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    SOLD Kramer by Zwilling Euroline carbon 10”

    The price is fair for EU, its hard to find + customs and fees. I can post it for you if you want, send me a message.
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    SOLD Kramer by Zwilling Euroline carbon 10”

    you should post this on https://www.reddit.com/r/chefknifeswap/ I know there are a few brits and EU people looking to get them
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    WTS Wakui 270 Gyuto

    great knife, great price. Normally I would jump on this
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    A lurker from Copenhagen, Denmark checking in........

    javla danskar... jk welcome friend :)
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    WTS Toyama, Watanabe, JKI Kochi, K&S Yoshikane Amekiri, Gesshin Stainless

    damn missed one hell of a sale. congrats to buyers and seller!
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    Different Kanji from Same Maker

    I wouldn't worry too much about it if theyre both from trusted retailers. Sometimes the retailer asks for different kanji, or the maker just wants to differentiate their work.
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    My Wakuis got matching shoes today

    I have a torch, but I've only does cold installs with some beeswax so far, I've had a few really really tight fits(mazaki giant tang) where some burn in would've been good, I thought the entire handle was going to split in half!
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    My Wakuis got matching shoes today

    Wow nice! Did you find the torching process hard? Also, send over those old handles hehe
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    SOLD Masamoto KS W#2 240mm Gyuto

    The price of listening to youtuber hype
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    Other Worm Juice

    add a little bit of cough syrup and you got a party
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    Should I buy a flat bottomed wok?

    I have a 60k outdoor burner. Nothing beats a proper wok with a high heat burner and the proper wok utensils that fit the curvature just right
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    WTS Drawer sale

    I don't really understand posting without a price, why not just wait until you decide. Its part of the rules too afaik.
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    So I got this gift coupon for CKTG

    cktg has good knives, but all of their cheaper stuff seem to be junk.