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    Tojiro Knives....

    My Tojiro Shirogami is great, my favorite blade actually.
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    30 minute BBC film of the making a Japanese-style knife

    Well, at least the handle is Japanese style.
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    My Bad. Experience with Metal Master

    He's slow but I've received everything I've ordered from him.
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    Knives from reclaimed steel

    Wow popular mechanics has gone downhill. They should rename it "mediocre blogposts".
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    Am I too Picky, or is There Something Odd With This Choil Shot?

    Really I think you should have used it and see if it cut as expected, then sharpened it fully and seen if it had any terminal flaws in the grind. As others have said, It may just be a hammer blow near the choil which makes it look strange in your pic. If it was genuinely improperly forged or...
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    Looking for Shun-like Japanese petty 9-10 cm without bling

    You could just sand the sides of your petty to 800 grit...
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    Vintage Japanese Knives

    The nakiri will always do that since it's carbon steel. You should wash it quickly after cutting acidic ingredients. It really needs to have the edge flattened if you're going to use it. An experienced person could get them back into shape but I wouldn't recommend a first-timer to try and repair...
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    Alternative to End Grain, what is the best compromise?

    How thin are your edges? I have an over thinned CCK that can't really be used on end grain because it gets stuck between the fibres, but german knives ride on the surface as if it was a plastic board.
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    Counterfeit knives: do you encounter them often?

    If it is VG-10 it would have to be made in Japan wouldn't it? Normally Japanese blades are marked.
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    Youtube AWESOME!

    A great look at some blade grinding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLcLQpYdAD4&list=UUyFIKwWaxb87TNuJd7m4JFQ
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    What is the point of damascus?

    Thinning is easier on san mai blades as the cladding abraids more freely, which is a noticeable benefit to the user.
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    Yanagi is not 100% straight, ok?

    Edit: Ignore this I see Jon already mentioned it in a previous post. I could be wrong but I think some makers store the forged blades for a couple of years before grinding to allow for further conversion of retained austenite. I assume that the longer a knife waits, the less it warps for the...
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    Fixing a chipped tip

    Removing the chips is straightforward, thinning the edge is the tricky part.
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    Forged vs Stamped any benefit?

    The main difference I see between forged and stamped is the variation of spine thickness within a blade. Most(?) forged japanese gyutos will be 3mm to 4mm+ near the handle and quickly taper to the regular blade thickness, while most stamped blades will max out at about 2mm
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    Yanagi is not 100% straight, ok?

    Metalmaster often doesn't reply for quite a while, don't worry about it.