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  1. StephenYu

    Takefu knives?

    It is really strange that you are questioning my phrasing while you are the one who focus attention on one phrase without regard to the meaning of the whole piece. I didn’t say that hrc is the only indicator to heat treatment. When you accused me “for commenting on knives that I don’t have...
  2. StephenYu

    Takefu knives?

    I think I make it pretty clear I have had 2 knives from Kurosaki-san and still have an Kugumo forged by Kato-san at the Takefu knife village. I didn’t use the Shimo but for the AS I used it for about half a year. I had to say it is a solid and well balanced knife, but I wasn’t blew away by it...
  3. StephenYu

    Takefu knives?

    Sorry if you find it offensive. I have seen people praising about Toyama/Watanabe’s blue steel, Hinoura’s white steel, etc. but I don’t think I have seen people praising about heat treatment of Takefu knife village here. I have seen good comments about Masakage Koishi, but that’s pretty much...
  4. StephenYu

    Takefu knives?

    I agree that harder doesn’t always mean better, but harder ones are usually more expensive (when comparing the same steel) because the failure rate is much higher when blacksmith try to push the limit. I remember Sukenari once offered AS in 66/67 hrc but they decides to lower it because the...
  5. StephenYu

    Takefu knives?

    I think they still have good distal tapers, just not as dramatic as Sanjo ones because they are not as thick at the spine.
  6. StephenYu

    Takefu knives?

    I have had a two Kurosaki, a Masakage Shimo and an AS, I also currently own a Takamura Hana and a KnS Yugumo. Personally, there are two things I don’t like about Takefu. First is that most of their blades are made from prelaminated billets. Doesn’t make it bad, just feeling it lacks a little...
  7. StephenYu

    Traded Watanabe SC125 Gyuto, 233mm BNIB

    Shinichi has very good comment on SC125, GLWS
  8. StephenYu

    Show your newest knife buy

    Looks great! I am waiting for mine as well
  9. StephenYu

    Poll: What kind of knife owner are you?

    I am just looking for that perfect gyuto and I am not sure how I end up with 20 knives now...
  10. StephenYu

    SOLD TX Knives AEB-L 233mm Gyuto

    Knew this would go quickly. I am sure the buyer will be very happy!
  11. StephenYu

    SOLD Marko Tsourkan PM2 Gyuto

    According to Marko’s post, PM2 should be a carbon tool steel, have pretty good wear resistances but seemed to be extremely hard as it needs to be sharpen on diamond plates. https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/custom-order-list-is-officially-open.32226/ By the way, does anyone know...
  12. StephenYu

    WTS Shihan A2 240

    I still regret letting my shihan go... GLWS
  13. StephenYu

    WTS TX knives gyuto 230 mm

    Love my TXs, what a great deal!
  14. StephenYu

    Any1 know this knive?

    Konosuke NT Series