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    Cheapest Project knife

    I have one of those tosa nakiri from hida tool. I very rarely cut anything with it, but It's my go to stone testing blade. The grind is weird. Thin at the spine, thin at the edge with a bulging middle. Works great for practicing polishing and sharpening wide bevels though and it can't really be...
  2. stringer

    Corona Cooks

    I was the Sous of one of the largest hotels in Boston. Most of our F&B management (chefs, restaurant/banquet/bar/stewarding managers) have had their positions eliminated. Also a union shop. It's a lot harder to fire the rank and file but the longer this goes on...... Who knows what will happen...
  3. stringer

    Cutting Knife Skills and Technique Videos

    Cleaning silverskin on pork tenderloin (Too poor for beef nowadays) Ashi Ginga 210 Sujihiki Swedish Stainless
  4. stringer

    Favorite sujihiki length?

    Childish and mildly perverted doesn't mean it's not true. Girth and height will affect how the blade performs. One of the most personal things about sujis, probably even more than length is the amount of flex. And that will be determined by the profile and geometry. Taller girthier blades will...
  5. stringer

    Favorite sujihiki length?

    I call anything that is shaped like a sujihiki a sujihiki. Whether it's 130mm or 330mm. The word petty is sort of useless because it only tells you that the knife "isn't long". It doesn't tell you anything about the shape and it doesn't really have any correlation to the japanese words like...
  6. stringer

    Favorite sujihiki length?

    180-210 is great for doing boneless boning work. Like trimming silverskin off of beef tenderloin or cleaning the membranes off of monkfish. Works good as a line knife in cramped space for slicing proteins for plate-ups. 215-265 For me, much like with gyutos, this is largely a dead zone due to...
  7. stringer

    Tried the unthinkable

    I was not so lucky. It will buff out pretty easy. Nothing fancy either, just vg10. I think it sustained the damage in a drying rack with some dishes piled on it.
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    Missing knives alert

    Just wait. I sold some razors to a dude on eBay a few months ago. The post office isn't doing departure scans and they have slow spots all over the place but Massachusetts is especially bad. Long story short I refunded the guy's money after four weeks. He emailed me two days later that he had...
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    Shihan knives

    My favorite profiled knife of all time cost me less than $20 all in on eBay. It's a 10" Ontario True Edge with a half tang.
  10. stringer

    Shihan knives

    My first 5 years of professional cooking were almost exclusively spent rocking with big cheap house knives. I gradually taught myself to push cut over the years as my tastes moved more toward Japanese knives. I still rock for certain tasks whether I'm using a sujihiki, a gyuto, cleaver, petty...
  11. stringer

    Shihan knives

    Mine is a pretty extreme example of the upswept tip. Looks almost like a Wusthof or something.
  12. stringer

    Can't shave!

    There is a thread about sharpening straight razors in the sharpening subforum.
  13. stringer

    Shihan knives

    I love my ShiHan. I have the monosteel 52100 250mm kurouchi gyuto model. I have had it for something like 2 years maybe. I have used it some in a professional environment but it has primarily been my at-home cooking knife. I beat the crap out of my knives and the Shi.Han is one of the toughest I...
  14. stringer

    Unpopular opinions

    If you think a deep fryer is tough you should try being the bread cook on a tandoori. Makes my forearms and eyebrows hurt just to think about it.
  15. stringer

    Unpopular opinions

    It's a restaurant pet peeve thing. I have had so many problems over the years with servers wrecking cutting boards with serrated knives. And customers complaining about pieces of plastic in their bread baskets.