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    WTS Grab Bag Sale- Konosuke, Goko Hamono, Watanabe, JNS brands

    Safe to say the Wat santoku is SPF
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    WTS Grab Bag Sale- Konosuke, Goko Hamono, Watanabe, JNS brands

    My wife and I are prepping for a potential big move next year, so I'm starting to go through my collection and make some tough choices. Shipping included CONUS. International buyers can contact me and we can talk, but US/CAN preferred, sorry. Konosuke Fujiyama 270 gyuto, 265x58mm, Blue 2...
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    WTS Carter, Tsourkan, Broadwell, and more

    Y’all that Tsourkan is great. Good luck getting any Tsourkan at that price, let alone 300+mm of sharp steel.
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    SOLD Giant Ohira Suita suminagashi clamshell natural stone

    Hello old friend, hope whoever got it enjoys it. It’s a good one.
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    WTB Catcheside butcher/breaking knife.

    Glad to see you’re getting some use out of it. To the OP, I know he made 3 of the above style. I have the second, after selling the truck one Bear posted, but there is a third somewhere.
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    Smoking Food (Meat)

    Smoked ham. Connective tissue in the center could have been trimmed just a bit better before being tied, but tastes delicious.
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    Smoking Food (Meat)

    Well there is that, I suppose. I was also referring to increased feed costs, extreme weather affecting grasslands/pastures, increased transportation costs, increased fragility and demand of the system of processors/slaughterhouses, increased costs of basic needs for meat businesses such as...
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    My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

    The handsaw at work. Not easy to capture in a photo given all the harsh overhead lights.
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    Changing a profile

    Putting a knife edge vertically down on a stone and essentially "sawing" the edge into it. Like cutting crusty bread with a bread knife.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    What's the HRC?
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Is this intended as a boning knife?
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    Smoking Food (Meat)

    Cost of meat is on the rise, much of it shipping and environmentally affected.
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    Been a while since we had a Cleaver chat.

    I flattened out the edge profile of a colleague's cleaver for him on a 120 SG. Took less than an hour or so. For sub-$150 cleavers, I would expect to have to do some adjustments to get something to my preference.
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    SOLD Raquin 230 Butcher

    Thanks! I saw this, but the length is a little odd for me I think. GLWS, Bryan's steel is so, so easy to sharpen, someone will enjoy this.
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    Flipper alert

    Ignoring everything else and veering mildly off topic, I actually don't think CM's general reputation here on the forum is much based in sexism. I mentioned her to my wife one time, just as an aside about something else, and her viewpoint was that it would be more sexist/demeaning if we...