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    Display Cabinet with storage

    Wow, looks great although I think those boards look too nice not to be displayed with the knives.
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    Custom 3 piece kitchen set, San Mai damascus

    That birch looks great almost like musk ox horn, gonna have to keep an eye out for some.
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    She said yes!

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    F/S $150 Curly Mahogany 1piece Cutting Board

    Damn sorry I missed this if you change your mind on the sale let me know.
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    GIVEAWAY 240mm Gyuto. HHH Knives. GIVEAWAY!!

    I'm in!!! Thanks randy
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    My Very First Knife!

    I love the smooth, clean edges on the handle, even with a couple extra pins it looks good. And damn what a saya, a sure step up from poplar.
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    FS (USA) - Cleaver special! Tojiro F-921 (DP series #6), CCK1303, and Zhen combo

    I don't even need one let alone three cleavers but I still wanna buy, good luck with sale I'm sure someone will scoop these up soon.
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    Hattori KD30 (Cowry X) Yanagiba 330mm mirror finished - consider re-handling

    I'd keep it simple and classy black on black with ivory or silver spacer.
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    Any Interest in Magnetic Knife Bars?

    Interested depending on pricing, and also whether I move to a new place soon.
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    Leather Knife Roll Giveaway version 2.0

    I'm in!!! Thanks for doing this btw
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    Very specific steak knife search: Seeking advice/suggestions

    Not the same quality as a custom, but I have a set of stainless steel handled shuns that I bought when I was inexperianced and thought shun knives were the best thing in the world. They are probably the only shuns I have that I won't eventually give away. Decent quality, one piece, and cheap...
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    Bad angle on sharpening and scraped knife side

    I'm sure it happens to all of us when we are starting out I know I've done it a few times. Refinishing is fairly easy with wet dry sand paper in various grits, depending how bad the scratches are I'd start at 350-500 and work my way up till I was happy with the finish. Be patient it takes a...
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    Our First- Little Baby Presley!

    Congrats to you and the wife!
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    Who makes the best Stainless Steel?

    I have only used stainless from butch and mario and can say they both make good stuff, my paring knife from butch came with the sharpest edge potboiler of any knife I've ever bought, and it still has 90% with only stropping. My Mario gyuto has been sharpened a handful of time and every time I...