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  1. TheCaptain

    infernos rehandling thread.

    Very distinct style. Looking good!
  2. TheCaptain

    what are you drinking tonight?

    +1. Well said!
  3. TheCaptain

    Cobwebs Down Here

    Ok I'll bite. 30# ?
  4. TheCaptain

    Whats on the bench.

    Pretty impressive!
  5. TheCaptain

    Martell Knives Website

    WIP pictures? You know what they say about a picture being worth...
  6. TheCaptain

    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

    Open faced lemongrass chicken bahn mi. Rolls we got were too small for all this goodness. I know it looks like a mess but damn were these good!
  7. TheCaptain

    mazaki knives

    You mean DH? Yep, I'm getting a Nakiri for him and a Gyuto for me :whistle: A little treat after all the frigging OT lately.
  8. TheCaptain

    mazaki knives

    Thanks Panda. Ugg. Think it has to be KU.
  9. TheCaptain

    dear chicago kkfers - kimchi carbonara

    Kinda harsh when you don't know the situation? I'm as hardass as it comes to stuff with kids UNTIL a close friend had a child with aspergers. It's not always just a discipline issue.
  10. TheCaptain

    Hideriyama Huge Koppa (from EU)

    If I didn't already have one I'd be all over this. It really is a great stone. Shocked it's still here.
  11. TheCaptain

    mazaki knives

    Trying to decide KU or polished :doublethumbsup:
  12. TheCaptain

    Farberware stone mat (okay..sponge mat)

    Thanks Kit for the link! Mine arrived Sunday (only ordered one to try) and I love it! Will pick up a few more. It's much better than a towel on a quartz counter.
  13. TheCaptain

    Tanaka nashiji stainless clad Blue 2

    Not really. James wouldn't let me pay for the knife :curse:. He refunded my payment and told me he considered it marketing cost. I've been meaning to post that here but until just a few days ago work has been absolutely kicking my ass.
  14. TheCaptain

    dear chicago kkfers - kimchi carbonara

    For non facebook people this place: https://www.eater.com/2018/2/8/16990722/mott-st-chicago-kimchi-video http://www.mottstreetchicago.com/ I think I'm close enough for delivery. Will let you know (did you see their menu, did you see it!!!)
  15. TheCaptain

    Heads up - store restocking.

    Whoot Whoot! and I got one in time!!! Although not going through paypal triggered the fraud alert on my credit card?!? :pirate1: Got it fixed though. Robin - let me know if anything looked funny from your end. My credit card company is hypersensitive to foreign transactions.