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Knives and Stones
Itou 55mm parer malachite azurite handle

Miyabi 5000 3.5" Parer

Tojiro Damascus Bird's Beak Parer

Delbert Ealy 150mm AEBL Parer

Yoshikane 90mm skd parer

Miyabi 5000 150mm Petty

Twin Cermax 150mm Petty

Hattori HD 150mm Honesuki with Rosewood Burl rehandle by Dave Martell

Grand Chef Sakai Takayuki 150mm Hankotsu

Misono Sweedish Steel 150mm Hankotsu rehandled by me.

Dexter Russel 180mm Santoku

Wusthoff Icon Classic 180mm Santoku

Shigeki Tanaka 165mm R2 Damascus Wa-Santoku

Kyocera Kyotop Advanced Ceramic "Damascus" 165mm Chef Knife

Miyabi Kaisen 210mm Damascus Gyuto vg10

Kazayuki Tanaka 240mm R2 PM Damascus Gyuto Ironwood Handle

Shigeki Tanaka 210mm R2 PM Damascus Wa-Gyuto

Konosuke HD 240mm Gyuto

Hiromoto 240mm AS Gyuto Rehandled by me pro package from Dave.

Gesshin Hide 240mm blue #2 with ebony handle.

Gesshin Hide 210mm Blue#2 Kamagata Usuba

Tojiro 240mm Yo-Deba Rehandled by me.

Tojiro 270mm ITK Bread Knife Rehandled by me.

CCK1303 Cleaver/Veggie Slicer

Global G-19 Flexible Filet Knife

Shigeki Tanaka 300mm Damascus Yanagiba Blue Steel #2 rehandled courtesy of Stefan and Dave

Shigeki Tanaka 300mm Damascus Sakimaru Takobiki Blue Steel #2 Ebony Handle

Yoshihiro 210mm Suminigashi Deba with Ebony Handle

Custom Konosuke 270mm Mioroshi Deba mirror polished Blue Steel #2 Ebony Handle with nickle silver spacer and white/clear horn ferrule and end cap

Hiromoto AS 300mm Sujihiki thinned and etched with Butch Harner red and black mycarta handle courtesy of Dave Martell

Hand American Borosilicate Glass Rod

Black Ceramic Honing Rod from Mac