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    WTB an inexpensive double bevel knife for polish and thinning practice

    Bernal carries them. $20 for a 6" chefs.
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    WTB an inexpensive double bevel knife for polish and thinning practice

    Was this an attempt at grinding in a hollow/S-grind to the Mune? How'd it go if so?
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    Heads up for people in the UK

    Does anyone know of US based makers who've done similar 'open workshop' events in the past? Sounds like a great time but probably not something I'm gonna hop across the Atlantic for...
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    SOLD Wat Pro 180 nakiri

    Damn, I guess that's what I get for working over lunch instead of browsing BST. Congrats on reclaiming custody :p
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    Takamura bolsterless chromax?

    Thanks, good to hear it performs about the same. How bad/cheap does the handle feel in hand? I haven't really used that style of handle before, outside of crappy walmart type knives in a pinch.
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    Takamura bolsterless chromax?

    Hi all--I've been casting around for a good, modestly priced 180 gyuto/tall petty to try out the length and see if it serves well as a quick/small prep option between my Tanaka 150 petty and 210+ gyutos. The classic, well-loved Takamura R2 red handle has been high on my list along with a few...
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    Toyama Dammy DIY

    Great to see no time was wasted on starting another project. I eagerly await the arrival of the Faux-yama!
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    Knife findings

    Is it just me or is the thickness of the core steel wildly uneven in the choil shot there? Is that par for the course with hon-sanmai blades?
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    More on Bon Appétit

    Seems like some people can't stand that style. For me it's much more instructive than watching someone cook from across the counter and the jerky first person perspective doesn't bother me at all. My better half gets motion sick if she watches more than a minute or two.
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    More on Bon Appétit

    Big second to Kenji's channel. As someone who's never cooked professionally, the first-person, mostly real time perspective is the most helpful online cooking resource I've found in a long time for learning how to coordinate different elements of a dish in a time efficient manner and bring them...
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    SOLD Mazaki 220 bullnose gyuto

    Can I get a matching custom handle to go with the saya?
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    Takamura or Makoto Kurosaki

    Been thinking about picking up a 180 Takamura but now I'm second guessing... anyone know if the Makoto bunka is in stock (or expected to be restocked) anywhere? All the usual suspects look to be sold out.
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    first knife: Fujiwara Denka?

    You could purchase from EpicEdge rather than direct. You'll pay a non trivial premium (looks like a 210 Denka is $710) but my understanding is that they do some initial QC and send back examples with major issues. More power to you if you want to jump straight into the deep end, but for the...
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    Help me find a 225mm Gyuto please

    Many of the older generations of Mazaki 210s ran more like 220+ in length. Looking at CleanCut, it looks like this might not be the case anymore, but you might be able to get an older model on BST from when they ran long... Not sure how well it'd work for a lefty though. I have one that's 220...
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    I broke a handle

    Yikes. I don't recognize the knife so pardon the ignorance--was this a stock handle, custom, homemade?